Why is the NHS putting newborn babies at risk for wokeness??

Newborn babies could be harmed by woke NHS-backed guidance that states transwomen can breastfeed experts warned today. Guidance from a charity linked to one of the controversial ‘chestfeeding’ advice pages states biological men who swap sex can stimulate milk supply using the Newman-Goldfarb protocol. WHAT ABSOLOUTE TOSH…..BTW it is called BREASTFEEDING….WOMEN HAVE BREASTS AND WHEN THEY FEED THEIR CHILD THEY USE THEIR BREASTS……NOT CHESTS…MEN HAVE CHESTS AND BIOLOGICAL MEN CANNOT BREASTFEED BABIES…..not in the real world or some woke imaginary one. I know there are some women who cannot breast feed and of course they should get help but they have the biological breasts in the first place.

The procedure which involves taking a powerful drug called domperidone has been mired in controversy. This drug is banned in the United States of America because of the effect it has on newborn children. It is rather worrying that science 101 the difference between males and females and what we are capable of doing seems to be lost on the NHS and that is a big big concern. Time to send the CEOs, Directors and all the others back to school to learn biology as it seems no one can pass it regarding this.

Domperidone, sold under the brand name Motilium is an anti-nausea medication but has been shown to boost prolactin levels, the hormone responsible for milk production 

Current advice states doctors can prescribe domperidone, or Motilium, to ‘increase milk supply’ but ‘only if other things have not worked’. This is because it ‘passes into breast milk in small amounts’. There is also some evidence it can give a baby an irregular heartbeat, according to separate NHS advice. For this reason, US health chiefs have never approved the drug. The FDA, America’s medical regulator, says other serious risks include cardiac arrest and sudden death.

Dr Foteini Kakulas, a breastfeeding expert from the University of Western Australia’s Medical School, believes only women produce breast milk.  ‘While it is possible for male breast tissue to produce something, what exactly that is, how it may or may not resemble breast milk, and whether this is healthy for the individual person or for the baby, are all unknown and never been studied,’ she said.

‘In my view in nature only females lactate in mammals, so trying to do something against nature won’t result in any good. At the end of the day women make babies and breastfeed.’ 

The stupidity of NHS wokery is getting beyond a joke and could possibly be putting babies at risk….and when is the NHS going to realise that it is BIOLOGICAL WOMEN, women breastfeed, women who feed a child through their breasts…not men only WOMEN.

The NHS is going beyond a joke when it comes to their stupidity in the labels given, and it seems that the NHS in order to appease a tiny tiny majority are willing to upset millions of others, i.e. women for the new wokery that has affected their out of touch brains.

We know the NHS is not fit for purpose on most days of the week and we only have to read day in and day out how A&Es across the country is failing, and I think if they spent the money where it really matters which means stop insulting and wiping out what a woman is and what we do biologically, and stop putting newborns at risk, and concentrating on people who have potential death risks such at cancer, or in the case of my mum’s neighbour she has an irregular heartbeat that is putting her at risk of dying…but yet again the appointments are cancelled guess being in her 80s means she doesn’t count anymore….if they concentrate on the medical needy first then there might be some hope.

Till then it seems the lunatics are running the asylum and it doesn’t matter what your age, how delicate a nature or how much you depend on help from a hospital…that hurt fee fees trump anything else.

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