Rebel Home Office staff…..

Are trying to stop the deportation of illegal immigrants to Rwanda by running out the clock on documents needed for court.. It seems that they have decided as unelected desk jockeys that they are going to make the decisions rather than the Home Secretary. That is dictatorship by unelected individuals who if they do this must face a court as they are actively working against the Government and that is treachery. They are there to do a job of works….the job for the Government and to go against it should be punished.

The Home Secretary is trying to deport illegal immigrants and it has the full support of the majority of British people, as we do not want them tipping up here in their thousands as we simply cannot afford it. It is currently cost £5 million pounds a day just to house them and this will not include the medical care, the money given to them, the cost of processing them etc and it will run into the billions each year.

This is at a time the NHS is unable to cope, we have more homeless on our streets that are our own people and there is no 3 star hotel waiting for them, no leftist lawyers looking to make money from their plight and no social workers etc beating down the doors to get homeless ex veterans a home, young families having to live in awful B&Bs where they are not safe….no luxury hotels for them…nope nothing…just all going to illegal immigrants who have broken the law already by coming here.

The people want the situation sorted and an elected politician, a Government minister has decided how best to do it, and the unelected idiots who sit behind their comfy desks who have ridiculous leftist leanings must be told once and for all…


There are plenty of people who will happily do the job instead of them…so maybe the new broom needs to sweep out the rubbish in the civil service as they are continually against the people……..

Whoever owns this…….should be ashamed of themselves and should be fired as this is against their own people and they are not refugees….France is not at war and the sooner these idiots behind their desks come to realise that then the better. They are illegal immigrants who want the cozy benefits and nothing more. About time we stopped that and tell them there is nothing for them to come here for…no cozy hotel room, no 3 meals a day, no worrying about the heating or lighting…unlike our young families or the elderly who have to worry about it constantly.

Not fair is it!!!! Let The Right Honourable Jacob Rees Mogg at the Civil Service and sweep clean….if anyone can do it….he can.

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