The Range has an appalling customer service help line…

I needed a couple of things for the garden so decided to order from The Range. I also thought oh whilst I am at it I will order the 88 box of Felix cat food that they were advertising on their website. Paid for next delivery and sure enough the delivery company turned up today.

That was when the disappointment came.

The box was damaged and open and strange enough the delivery driver did not take a photo of the delivery this time as normal, and then Mr Points of Sue brought it in and the box contained only a box of 44 sachets. It did contain the baskets I wanted and I thought not a problem I will ring the helpline…

Big mistake.

The first time of ringing the helpline and pressing the right number for what I needed….and then….surprise surprise it rang and rang and rang. 45 minutes of ringing and no one answering….. I have worked in customer service and know exactly when you have been put on hold again as you can hear the click and off you go round and round the loop with not one staff member prepared to own a complaint the customer might have.

Mr Points of Sue suggested contacting their help on line service and I filled it in and nothing. It is supposed to be a live helpline and that just brought up a list of automated questions and no one on the other end. By this time I was getting really annoyed at the lack of care towards their customers.

So, decided to try again and rang the help number and pressed 2 to cancel the order and got through in a heartbeat. Explained to the lady what the issue was and I am always polite as being angry gets you nowhere, then I was passed to another customer service lady so had to explain to her what had happened, and then surprise surprise I was put on the loop of never ending phone ringing and nobody picking up the phone. That is a really dishonest way to treat customers and should never be allowed.

Over an hour I was on the phone and nobody answered with regards to my query and it is an appalling way to treat your customers, especially as I have ordered quite a considerable amount of items from The Range. It seems that once they have your money they are not bothered if you have a complaint or not.

I taught customer service in my early days and will give the range a Minus 10 for their attitude towards customers. It has now put me off ordering from them again as your issue will not be dealt with at all and I would suggest that whoever has trained their customer service department did not do a good job at all as they just don’t care, and they need to go back to basics. Contact me…I will train the staff for the hell of it as it has irritated me beyond belief.

It is bad manners, bad business and very poor concern for any issue their customer might have and the attitude needs to change.

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