This has to be the most oppressive law ever….

A male, Governor Kevin Stitt has signed into law a bill that bans you from an abortion at the moment of conception. This has got to be the most ludicrous thing I have read so far, and you can always tell a man is behind the stupidity as a man cannot get pregnant and would never know the pain of what this will do to women.

This is forcing women who have been raped or subject to incest having to carry their abusers baby and that is wrong on every level. This gives that monster a hold over the woman and to most women the thought of giving a child away is heartbreaking, but can you imagine being forced to carry something you did not want nor asked for. Doing this will see a rise in child deaths and children being abandoned to the care of CPS and that is a lost generation.

I am all for putting a time limit on abortions as it is not right that a woman can abort a child right up to the day of its birth, and a baby can survive outside of the womb and survive at 23 weeks. There needs to be a set limit but to do so the minute of fertilization is ridiculous, and it is the most misogynistic thing I have ever read.

A man cannot understand the heartache it will take for a woman to go through an abortion but it is her choice. Biological women must have total control over their bodies and I will not change my stance on that but there also has to be a time for men to butt out and this is one of them.

This will force back street abortions placing the women at risk, and this Governor is also putting the mental health at risk of a woman who has been subjected to rape or incest but I don’t think he cares. He is on a power trip for re-election. There is also the question about men who skip out on the mother from the moment she tells him that she is pregnant. What about bringing a law in that from the moment of conception that the male is responsible for the full costs of everything the mother goes through. The medical appointments, the clothing, the purchasing of the equipment the baby needs and its needs through everyday life until 18!!

This will of course not be brought into law as it is just a man punishing women for their own electoral needs, and the first time a woman dies having to use a back street abortion clinic then this Governor and all the others responsible for this ludicrous law should be indicted for murder, as this will happen and they cannot sign something so restrictive into law without consequences for them.

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