The slaughter of the innocent….

The Texas shooting shocked the world as pictures of the victims came out and they were mainly babies between 8 and 11. It must be heartbreaking for the parents and all they did was put their child into school as millions around the world do everyday. As a mother and a grandmother I cannot believe that this is still happening and nothing is being done to curb gun violence in the United States.

It needs a brave person who will step out of their comfort zone in politics or the Judicial to start lobbying for gun control and to try and stop this happening, but nobody is brave enough to do that as all the politicians do is endless salad words and then filibuster to stop any changes.

There is no gun control in the States and I don’t care that it is set in stone. These rights were drawn up when the USA was a young country and where everyone had a gun for safety and to be honest I cannot imagine the founding fathers ever thought that some nut job with guns would walk into any school and murder so many children. It is time for a change otherwise hundreds more children will die and the word salad will continue with nothing ever been done. Children are not sacrificial lambs but rather they are the future of any country and to take that away demands justice.

Fourth grader Alithia Ramirez (left) was confirmed dead early Wednesday by her father, Ryan. Jaliah Nicole Silguero was also confirmed as one of the victims early Wednesday, with her mother Veronica Luevanos sharing a memorial post
Jayce Carmelo Luevanos, who appears to be Jaliah’s cousin based on posts shared by the family, was confirmed as one of the dead Wednesday by his aunt. ‘Still can’t believe that we’re never gonna see you again,’ she wrote on Facebook
Amerie Jo Garza (right) was confirmed dead by her father Angel Garza (left), who said: ‘My little love is now flying high with the angels above’
The family of Uziyah Garcia, 8, said he was killed in the shooting hours after announcing he was among the missing
Makenna Lee Elrod, 10, was confirmed dead by a family friend late Tuesday night
Xavier Lopez
Eliahana Torres, 10, was also confirmed dead on Facebook
Steven Garcia and Jennifer Lugo confirmed their daughter, Ellie, was killed in Tuesday’s massacre after she had been missing for several hours

Nevaeh Bravo
Annabelle Guadalupe Rodriguez
Rogelio Torres is among the dead
Fourth-grader Tess Marie Mata was named by her sister, who described her younger sibling as a ‘precious angel’
Miranda Mathis, 11, was also confirmed as another casualty from the mass shooting early Wednesday, in a Facebook post by an older cousin who earlier that day had posted a desperate plea for help in locating the child
Alexandria Aniyah Rubio – who was better known to friends as ‘Lexi’ – was confirmed dead just before midnight on Tuesday
Maite was another student to die in the attack that had attended the honor roll ceremony just hours before.
Jose Flores, 10, was also killed in the shooting hours after attending the honor roll ceremony, where he was pictured clutching his certificate (above)
Irma Garcia, a fourth grade teacher and 23-year veteran of Robb Elementary, was killed on Tuesday
Eva Mireles, who for five years was the co-teacher with Irma Garcia, was one of two teachers shot and killed at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday

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