Can Her Majesty’s opposition actually get back to the real problems in the UK.

Yesterday was the reveal of Sue Gray’s long awaited inquiry into the so called party gate, and it was nothing more than a damp squib and whilst it is upsetting to the relatives of those who were lost during Covid, it has to go down as the most boring party ever. Egg sandwiches and orange juice instead of ordering 30 curries and drinking beer as the Leader of the Opposition did!!!

They are all a bunch of hypocrites as there cannot be that many MPs who did not break the law with regards to lockdown, and whilst it needed to be discussed it does not need the amount of time it is taking up. There are more urgent issues affecting today and tomorrow.

Surely the opposition in Parliament should be discussing the rise in energy prices, the rise in food prices, the rise in the fuel for your car and the war in Ukraine as that is what people are concerned with right now. Those on a low income are worried about being able to eat or heat this winter and it seems to Her Majesty’s Opposition that trying to drag up parties is more important than anything else.

Lets not forget the RMT is going to strike meaning that people will be unable to get to work, or make alternative arrangements and that could have a knock on effect on the trains as if you can get there without using a train then you can save yourself hundreds of pounds by avoiding them. Own goal then for the RMT thuggish union who will see hundreds of their members sacked. Oh dear what will the top 3 communists do then when the members money slows down……cut down on their socialist champagne I guess.

Not a word from Starmer on this either but instead endlessly trying to bring up something that happened and the world has moved on.

If Starmer cannot condemn the RMT union for holding the country to ransom, nor take on the energy companies for holding the people to ransom nor lobbying for a fall in fuel prices for the car, then you have to ask yourself just what is the Labour Party for other than making snide remarks.

The Speaker of the House Sir Lindsey Hoyle who I admire very much needs to stop precious Parliamentary time being used up for something that has happened, been and gone and instead force those in Opposition to discuss the things that affect us now and will continue to affect us in the future as deaths from cold and starvation are coming, and Starmer and the Labour Party well they will still be trying to bring up Party gate even when it is no longer relevant.

Time to move on and deal with the real issues or else this country will be going to rack and ruin and like the Government, Her Majesty’s opposition will be guilty in the court of public opinion for doing nothing else but moaning and breaking the law themselves.

Real issues for real problems and for the people is needed now not some attempt to ignore everything else, as this is what Starmer is doing as whilst he does this he will not be making a statement on the RMT Communist run Union and that is what he wants. He is fence sitting again whilst those unions who pay him and the Labour party are running amok , but I guess that doing nothing is what he always does…and hoping that news is buried so he does not have to upset his pay masters.

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