Kissinger…wants to give away parts of the Ukraine to his pal Putin.

Henry Kissinger who should have been put out to pastures a long time ago is now saying that we should let Putin, the aggressor have parts of Ukraine just to keep him happy and to stop the defeat of Russia. Yet, the President of the United States…old Swampy Joe is on about sending troops to Taiwan. Surely under the Kissinger rule America should let China have Taiwan…..

Wonder if he would be saying the same thing if it was Alaska that Putin had invaded. Kissinger should have been barred from politics and political interference a long time ago. The fact that he was with Nixon and all the crooked goings on there says more about Kissinger than it does about Putin.

Mr Kissinger sometimes it is better to say nothing and look stupid than to open your mouth and show the world that you are stupid, as if you give in to a bully now then what would stop Putin trying again in 10 years. Funny how he didn’t think this when the Americans were in Vietnam.

He needs to just put his feet up, read a book and keep his stupidity to himself.

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