Invoice the Chancellor as this is an abuse of taxpayers money.

It seems the Chancellor of the Exchequer has decided to dip his ministerial hands into the taxpayers ATM to fund his PR rescue to the tune of £500,000….yep HALF A MILLION pounds of our money to “repair” his image. The image that he trashed……

Rishi is feeling a bit bruised that he is no longer the darling of the Conservative Party, and is no longer toasted as a great Chancellor because he is seen to be mean with the taxpayers money for those who need it. Refusing to help those on the poverty level including stripping the £20 a week uplift for those on Universal Credit and refusing to do very little in the wake of increasing energy prices, increasing food prices and the economy stepping back 40 years…..He has decided that its not he who is at fault…but rather the message and that by spending the HALF A MILLION POUNDS on PR we will all grow to love him. Well that went South when we found out that his wife was not paying the right taxes due to not registering to live here. 93 days was all she was entitled to stay on the visa…. amazing how the mega rich can just get round the laws with a quick payment of very little in her case.

He and his wife whilst living here have done so in a tax payer funded flat, with tax payer funded expenses including all travel, tax payer funded police and the taxpayer paying his wages. Definitely a case that tax is for the voters and not him, and that has cost us hundreds of millions in lost taxes by them using the avoidance scheme Yet, away he goes to the taxpayer ATM for what he wants.

There is no love for the Chancellor and there is no Prime Minister role for Rishi in the future, and there is no taking over the Conservative Party as he has tanked and is the bottom of the list now as it seems no one likes him. However, surely a man who has a family wealth of £730 million pounds and in the top rich list could pay for his own vanity project rather than spending yet more of our money on useless projects, and the Chancellor is a useless project. He spent nearly £500,000 on a new swimming pool at his country estate…so he likes to spend his money on jollies, but it seems he likes to spend ours when trying to pull the wool over the voters eyes.

Time to change the deck chairs on HMS Titanic Conservative Government and dump one of the biggest liabilities…the Chancellor.

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