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Like a lot of people I have been fascinated by what is going on in Hollywood with regards to the Depp v Heard Trial. I have listened with increasing disbelief at how Johnny Depp has been dragged through the mill in what could only be an increasing desire on behalf of his ex wife to try and destroy his career and the man.

This is the problem we have with people insisting you must believe the woman because she is purely a woman and that all men are evil. There has been no room or even the slightest of space given to the fact that she could have been telling deliberately misleading people with regards to Johnny, and the likes of Disney and Warner Bros were too quick to believe her, and cancel him and they will suffer with regards to box office turnovers.

A lesson here folks….just because the person is a female does not mean she is truthful. The days of vilifying men because they are men has to stop.

Mr Depp has never hid the fact that he drank heavy and partook of drugs and I hope following this he stops both of those and gets on the straight and narrow, but not once have I believed that the man was capable of punching, assaulting or any of the other attack Ms Heard said he did, but I do believe after listening to the taped conversations that she has been more than slap happy with him.

Johnny Depp’s lawyer is outsmarting, out manoeuvring and out playing Ms Heard’s lawyer daily and the rest of the world has now found out that she has not paid out the $7 million to charity that she swore on oath to in a British Court. That’s a case of perjury and she needs to be brought back here and face the judge, but she also told all PR and TV stations that she had indeed paid it out when some 13 months after the divorce and before Mr Depp decided to sue that she hadn’t, and todate she still has not and that the donations had come from Mr Depp himself and Elon Musk paying in her name. She has paid $100,000 out of the $7,000,000 and comically stated that pledging and paying to her were the same thing.

Well I pledge to be a 6ft super model…it won’t happen but I will pledge it anyway.

What I find is that by believing Ms Heard that the #metoo movement is going to make it harder now for real victims of real abuse as people will suffer because of this. .

Ms Heard has even gone as far as to suggest that the FOUR police officers who showed up to the penthouse suite owned by Johnny Depp were not doing their job by not insisting she was a victim of abuse, despite all four stating that she had no injuries. By the way….he owned 5 penthouses in the apartment building and her sister, and her friends all got a room and at the whopping big cost of $0…….dollars in rent. Amazing how many hangers on appear out of this woodwork.

Photographs of her supposed injuries were shown and there are no marks. Mr Depp supposedly hit her in the nose with his fist of which his fingers are adorned with heavy rings, and which she admitted under oath that he is not seen without them and nothing. There were no marks and Ms Heard tried to say that she had her nose broke but the photos show nothing and if you had been punched that hard then you would have black eyes….and a nose the size of your face and no amount of make up will cover that up.

Yet as you see nothing…no swelling….

There was also the time before a premier when he supposedly hurt her back and arms….and funnily enough the pictures taken at the premier with her back on view was left out by her Defence Team, but luckily Johnny Depp’s lawyer had it and she is on fire.

The way Johnny Depp has been dragged through the mud is absolutely disgusting and his ex wife who for some reason was hell bent on his destruction has infact only succeeded in destroying her own career as Johnny Depp has his Hollywood friends and even now Robert Downey Jr is planning a film with Depp staring in it, and she has 4 million people signing for her to be taken out of Aquaman 2. I can foresee the future now and she won’t be in any more.

Ms Heard has admitted hitting Johnny Depp in taped conversations and mocking him that no one would believe him because he is a man, and all of that will now come back to bite her as it has proven one thing…..she is not a very nice lady and because of her actions she should not be in any film that young people go too…..

Johnny Depp needs to look at this as a wake up call and the days of getting that drunk you pass out, or snorting cocaine must be put behind him as he is a role model and loved by so many, and he needs to realise that.

The outpouring of love for him this week has been nothing less than amazing, and I firmly believe that he will win his case and the wrongs caused to him will be put right. This will be an expensive lesson for Ms Heard but you cannot accuse someone of abuse when you yourself has had form for the same thing. There are no pictures of these injuries she states, and I just feel that this is nothing more than a toxic marriage that went even more toxic, and where she hates the fact that he is a star and will be a bigger star once again…. after all look at the stars and people supporting him.

I just feel really sorry for Johnny Depp that he has had to go through this but he is doing so in good grace, and is even buying breakfast for all those who turn up at the court case to show support, and shakes hands with everyone and thanks them entering and leaving, and you cannot force that sort of personality…that is who he is.

When he comes back bigger and stronger then Warner Bros and Disney will have to eat a lot of humble pie, as Depp fans are in their millions and it will cost them at the box office. I know that Aquaman 2 is going to be a great film and the fact that she has had her role downgraded to less than 10 minutes means there is no repeat role for her in the next one.

Maybe the best thing she can do is go and live a quiet live with her daughter away from the Hollywood set as lets face it, they won’t welcome her and she will struggle to work but maybe a time away, staying of the drugs and just being a mother might calm her down but I can guarantee one thing….she will remain single as who would want to go through the same thing Johnny Depp has.

It is also time to stop demonising men as this proves that women can be just as toxic and the label that we should only believe women is wrong, and we should not judge until the truth comes out as there are lot of people who believed her and who are going to look really stupid now.

Someone slipped up and showed her lies…..

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