Mrs Obama its spelt WOMEN…

Not only is the former Presidents wife trying to erase the term…WOMAN or WOMEN, but the irony is lost on her being a woman, and being the mother of two women as I am 100% certain Barak didn’t carry them, and this conversation is concerning Roe V Wade in respect of WOMEN and pregnancies.

The same rights to your body as a WOMAN with regards to whether you keep a baby or not is lost on a party who forced people to get the vaccination or lose their job, and who were forcing pregnant women to do it as well.

I am however really shocked that someone of a supposedly high intelligence cannot pass Biology 101, and that its only biological women who can get pregnant, and therefore those same biological women make the decision to end a pregnancy…..

You would think stating the obvious would be the norm for these people, but it is lost on them and all for a virtual signalling platform .

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