Putin is now the embodiment of Hitler…and there has to be a regime change.

The only way Russia can get out of this mess that Putin has gotten them in is for someone to hand him the mess revolver, and then when he has gone to start to rebuild the relationship with the rest of the world and help Ukraine to rebuild. Otherwise, and we know the economy of Russia has tanked back to the 70s….the Russian people will suffer and starve….and we know that all Despots in Russia has starved millions of their own people throughout history but you would have thought that they would be past that, and Putin will be remembered along with the likes of Stalin who thought the starvation of 25 million was worth it for Communism.

Russia has to get away from the Despotic man in charge and find someone who wants to enhance Russia in an economic way, and to get away from the bombastic peddlers of death they have….especially when you realise Putin has a Billion pound mansion and a half a billion pound yacht and that is only the start….follow the money and you will see why Russians are starving.

The people of Russia need to realise that this is your money that Putin and his cronies are stealing and the only way to find a way for Russia is to have a regime chance from within.

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