Khan tiptoeing through the Marijuana.

Whilst there are more murders being committed on the streets of London. Maybe it would be better for the actual people of London if he stayed in London doing his job, and trying to sort out the murder rate that is growing, and lets not forget that London is now the murder capital of Europe….rather than waltzing round wokeville spinning his lies.

Instead of complaining about the “supposed racism” in tweets he received regarding Donald Trump, (and lets not forget he insulted a Head of State with his bimp on a visit where President Trump was representing WW2 Veterans, and therefore he insulted WW2 Veterans and that is what really peed people off) maybe Khan should actually meet the relatives of those who have been knifed, mugged and assaulted….you know doing his job.

Another freebie that the taxpayers are having to pay out for and like him….what a waste of money.

BTW note to Khan and his idiotic statement that he will make marijuana legal in the United Kingdom………..You do not have the legal authority to decide the drug policy for the UK or London as you are mere mayor and not a Government Minister, and even getting Lord Falconer to head up your imaginary unit….. it still has no authority and therefore a waste yet again of taxpayers money as no doubt the expenses will be very generous to those taking part.

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