Mr Showbusiness brings the joy of music to Great Britain.….

I had the pleasure to go and see Andre Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra last Thursday night and it was worth the two years wait.  Covid had put paid to the original concert two years ago and sometimes it felt that this concert would never happen….but the magic did happen. (I have chosen to add videos from his concerts so you can see how wonderful it is regardless of where you go in the UK).

1830hrs the doors opened and fans were let in to take up our seats.  First of all, stopping off to get some snacks for the concert and then up-to our seats for what would be an hour wait for the show to start.

The people we were lucky to sit with turned out to be delightful and we swapped stories of our lives and the couple next to me won hands down…..they work on a farm and hearing the stories of the wildlife was lovely, even though the chairs were really not……

Not enough leg room.

The hour seemed to fly past and it was nice to see so many different ages of people and the one thing he has done is bring music to the masses, and with the lights down and the clapping starting Mr Showbiz was there.  He walked along with his orchestra up the aisles and onto the stage and the clapping was getting louder and louder and I knew from the first hello that it was going to be magical.

The orchestra started with the old favourite waltzes, and I could feel the foot tapping and loving the music as Andre played his violin.  There was a mixture of groups that evening, and the jokes were coming fast from the Maestro himself and the laughter and the joy enveloped the whole area as music is the one thing that can bring people together. 

The first group to be introduced was the Platin Tenors and if you closed your eyes you would hear it as one voice and they sang Nessun Dorma, and the farmer we had made friends with suddenly had his handkerchief out and was wiping away tears.  Not because it was badly sung but the total opposite….it was beautiful.  The orchestra was perfect, the violin perfect from Andre and the tenors were pitch perfect and the crowd rose to its feet when the singing stopped, and I must admit holding back the tears was a bit of struggle. There are always some songs that bring out the emotion in you and for many of us this was it.

Then as the sniffling calmed down Andre Rieu went on to introduce a group of 6 men who sang in harmony. The Berlin Comedian Harmonists. Their voices were perfect and the chap on the piano seemed to have a great time too. They sang in both German and English. Before they came on Andre explained that the concept of the group started over a hundred years ago, and whilst the original members were no longer here, the spirit of the harmony kept going.

The music just seemed to lift you and you were transported back to the 30s of Germany before evil visited it. When the first song had finished, Andre told the audience of the sad sad history of the group and that the song they were going to perform which was in German was the last song the original group had sung together. You see 3 of the original 6 were Jewish members and the group were given permission to perform one last evening before the fate of the Jewish members was sealed and that night the music stopped…..Until it was picked up again by such fine singers.

They were a joy and we would like to see them in their own right as they were so entertaining. The story of the Jewish singers was so moving but then you look at the songs they had sung now being sung again, and you can take comfort from knowing that hate did not win as the songs are as popular today as they were then, and the history of the harmony makes you appreciate it even more.

Then the ladies came on…the Sopranos and they looked lovely in their beautiful dresses. Starting off gold first and then changing to white. The music was moving and they were perfect in everyway and by this time so many people were giving standing ovations that it had almost felt like you were stood up more times than you were stood down.

Then when the acts were finished for their segments we were given the delight of the orchestra and of course the clapping was getting louder, and the poor people sat at floor level were covered in fake snow and balloons. There is something about our childhood that made that even more enjoyable. We watched from the dizzy heights people waltzing at ground level and one of the most wonderful delights was watching parents waltz with their young children. You see Andre Rieu and his orchestra is for all ages and it was just pure joy being there.

You saw young people waltzing and the older members who were more used to waltzing just having a great time, and you cannot help feel a little bit envious that you could not join them but to see their delight made up for it.

The whole evening passed to soon and we were shouting for it not to finish and everything that is good and great came to an end at 2230hrs. We had almost 3 hours of wonderful music, a fantastic orchestra and out of this world singers and Mr Showbusiness himself being our host for the night. It felt like a party with friends rather than a concert and there is now the determination to go to Maastricht to see him next year. The cost of going will be worth every penny as I want to see the whole package and of course Mr Showbusiness next year as he is fantastic.

If you can get the chance to go and see Andre Rieu then please do as you will not be disappointed as it is hours of pure joy, pure music, and pure delight and where you enter as strangers but leave as friends and you can take your children too. The cost of the tickets is worth the expense as you get so much for it.

Follow the website to purchase your tickets and I can guarantee you a night of joy. You can order from the website listed below… will not be disappointed.

Disclaimer: At not point have I asked for nor have I received payment for this blog. The tickets were purchased by Mr Points of Sue.

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