Always the criticism but no offer of a better plan.

Yvette Cooper yep her who tried to thwart Brexit more than anybody else in Parliament and trying to destroy democracy, and who with her husband Ed Ball flipped houses like no tomorrow and living very nicely of us too….. has now criticised the Home Secretary for sending illegal immigrants to Rwanda.

Criticism, criticism, criticism and the usual yak yak yak but then when you get down to the nitty gritty she actually has nothing new to offer. The majority of the British people actually agree with the plan by the Home Secretary but as usual Labour are out of touch again and again and again. I only hope that the Home Secretary has every law covered and gets this off the ground and where we can actually have faith that our borders are safe, as currently they are not and that is one of the biggest issues that people have.

We must not allow people to illegally enter from a safe Europe for no other reason than to take advantage of our generous benefit system and we need to take back control.

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