Paying tax is for thee and not me….

Says the wife of the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Seems Rishi Sunaks mega wealthy wife has declared herself as non dom which means she doesn’t pay the required tax she should on her wealth if registered as living here permanently. That loophole has saved the Sunak family on average £4.4 million pounds every year for the last 9 years.

That is the princely sum of almost £40 million pounds they have avoided, yet this is the same Chancellor who will not keep his promise of honouring the triple lock, and robbing the pensioners of what should be theirs…..according to him….they are being greedy expecting 600 pounds more a year at this time, instead they are going to have to decide between heating or eating.

Thinking ahead eh Sunak….all those pensions that won’t need paying after thousands of the elderly pass away from hypothermia or from starvation….or both.

Well if the Sunaks had paid the tax they should do it could have helped the poorest pensioners.

Guess that new gym and swimming pool block at their mansion is a gift from us taxpayers only we didn’t know it……

This is also the same individual who took back the £20 a week uplift given to the poorest families in the United Kingdom, and who through his extremely poor handling of taxpayers money has thrown us back some 50 years in the rate of our standard of living.

Mrs Sunak is not non dom…she is here permanently and the Sunaks live above the shop during the week in a fully funded tax funded accommodation, have access to a grace and favour fully funded mansion as Chancellor where all running costs are met by us, yet she avoids paying through a dubious loophole.

Nom dom means you do not stay longer than 90 days a year, yet she has been resident here for over 3200 days. She must of thought the form said 90 years instead of 90 days.

Dubious loopholes used by the mega rich to avoid their legal tax requirements need stopping, but considering the tax burden this inept Chancellor has put on this country, its totally immoral and you cannot have someone in charge of our finances whose partner use loopholes to avoid paying taxes. Time to get rid of Sunak.

What is so galling is that she has avoided the proper rate of tax, yet HMRC sent Mr Points of Sue 3 letters informing him he owed them….wait for it….a WHOLE POUND, and they decided to take £10 off his pension to pay for it. As I stated tax is for thee…i e. The working class and not for me.. The Chancellor and his Mrs.

The Chancellors position is untenable and any leadership ambitions he had, forget it as people cannot stand tax avoiders especially when they are responsible for crushing us under his poor financial handling of our finances whilst making sure it doesn’t affect him and his family.

It’s the hypocrisy I cannot stand.

Lets put it this way and I am sure there are many thousands of families who feel the same, we are 3 voting adults in this house and the Tory Party have now lost 100% of the vote here, and there is nothing they can do to gain it back, as we all know how hypocritical, sleazy, fraudulent and downright nasty this party is

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