This is good news for young students in the States from Biden…

He has put back the repayment date for student loans to 31st August 2022. This is excellent news for those just trying to keep their heads above water.

It is a pity that the Government of the United Kingdom cannot do this, infact it is a shame on both sides of the pond that young people end up thousands in debt to get an education. I understand this is how it has been done in the United States for a long time, but in Great Britain this was unheard yet those who made this decision to saddle our young people with 30 years of debt was taken by those very same hypocrites who got theirs free.

My son who is now a Bio Medical Scientist, a Doctor who is now saddled with upwards of £60,000 and that does not include the almost £40,000 we paid out for him (to us he is worth it) but what a shame that Government expect their brightest to pay back instead of offering them a fixed contract of say some 5 years to gain the expertise for our own country’s benefit. Doctors, nurses, dentists, engineers etc….if the Government offered them free university places with the condition of working for this country for a number of years I would guarantee the majority would take up the offer.

As I told my own son when he gained his Doctorate…son you owe this country nothing as you have a debt to pay and go out into the big wide world and earn the money…I felt a little sad saying that as I love Blighty, this Jerusalem, this beautiful island that is Great Britain but the debts saddled with our children is real, and it is a big debt that can cost hundreds a month….It is a dreadful waste of the talent that we have produced and that other countries will pick up to their benefit.

What a dreadful dreadful waste…….

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