The right of the individual is important but recognise the rights of others….

I agree that no biological male who still has their male anatomy should be allowed to use the female changing rooms. nor female toilets and just because they identify as female does not mean they can walk around without clothes on and tackle out…..this would make any female nervous, and that is not fair and we are being forced to accept something that would make us uneasy, and in some cases could put women at serious risk of assault, and why should society say that is acceptable for women to endure?? As a woman it is not.

These are not the sort of places where a female would feel safe, and where there are young female children who go in there and we have a duty to protect them. However, if that person has fully transitioned to a female anatomy of course they should be allowed to use the female changing rooms, and I would defend their right to do so.

With regards to the sports that is something totally different and maybe to save all the headlines, the hurt and the upset it is time a games and sports were started for the trans community After all, who would have thought we would have Olympic games for the disabled yet we do and they are enthusiastically welcomed and quite frankly they are better and more enjoyable to watch than the able bodied ones. Just an idea…..and I would watch it as I do enjoy watching the Olympic games.

There has to be a fine line between protecting women’s rights and that includes calling us mothers, recognising that only women have periods, that women give birth, and women breast feed…not people…people don’t do that…women do and do not take our rights away for the sake of others.

It is a difficult road but there will be more and more backlash from women as we do feel our rights and our existence is being so easily dismissed and eroded.

This has to be one of the most difficult decisions affecting anyone as to be born in the wrong body must be horrible, and I will defend the rights of anyone who wants to transition, and again I agree with Boris that a child cannot make that decision but when they become old enough to do so then there has to be a full support for them and their journey, as being a young person is difficult enough but there also has to be a defence of my rights as a woman as giving one group their demands whilst taking away the rights of women is not fair and it is not right.

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