Russia’s Shame

**** Warning pictures of a graphic nature****

As the daughter of a WW2 Veteran I grew up reading book after book about the War, and I always drifted again and again to the Battles of Stalingrad and Leningrad, as well as the battle of Kursk and how the heroic Russians dealt a severe blow to the Third Reich and taking the battle and the war back to the monsters who started the whole horror.

I admired how the Russians took on the might of the Nazis even though the Russians never expected to win, and the Nazis never expected to lose. Again and again I read the stories of “not one step back”. There were so many heroes that despite reading the books again and again I always found something new.

Fast forward to today and seeing pictures of the victims of torture, rape and mass shootings that are being committed by Russian forces, and you realise that it is not Germany who is the Fourth Reich but rather Putin and Russia.

Russians who are fleeing from Bucha are committing the same atrocities that the Nazis were using during the 40s, and for this and this alone the West must make sure that Russia and its leaders are brought before a War Crimes Tribunal exactly the same as the ones they themselves presided over after WW2.

To rape, bound and shoot women and children is not something you would expect to see in this day and age, and imagine the anguish of fathers seeing their wives shot, the anguish of mothers seeing their children shot with their hands tied behind their backs and after the Russian soldiers have raped their older children and the women. It is the stuff of nightmares but sadly the nightmare come true for the people of Bucha.

Ukraine experts have warned that some towns vacated by Russian troops may have seen worse atrocities than those revealed in Bucha (pictured) as locals claim Putin ‘s forces killed children, indulged in mass rapes and carried out summary executions 

A man looks over a mass grave in Bucha. Western nations, including the UK, have accused Vladimir Putin and the Russian forces of carrying out ‘despicable attacks’ there
Boris Johnson has condemned Russia’s despicable attacks’ on Ukrainians living in the besieged cities of Bucha and Irpin after a van with ‘children’ written on it was found riddled with bullet holes

People react as they gather close to a mass grave in the town of Bucha, just northwest of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on April 3
A member of a civilian defence force looks underneath a blanket where four people, all thought to be civilians, were found dead near Bucha

Man’s inhumanity to man is on full show in the Ukraine and the brave people of Ukraine are standing up to the monster who is sitting on their border but they need help, and because of the crimes against humanity being committed by the Russians it is about time the world upped their game.

We need to supply the Ukrainians with all the weaponry they need and yes this includes planes. The people have bravely stood up against the monsters invading their lands and the world looks on in amazement at how they have humbled the bogeyman who we all feared at one point, but now we know that with his army and his reputation in ruins that he will commit the same evil on Ukraine that the Nazis unleashed on Russia.

The world knows what is coming we have seen it all before, and can we sit and offer just words and some military hardware whilst the brave citizens of the Ukraine are being murdered? No….we were slow stopping a monstrous state from committing genocide and war crimes in WW2 but we learnt from that and the slogans ever since has been never again.

Well that never again is upon us and the Ukrainian people are fighting with honour, with bravery and with right on their side and if this was a film we were watching we would all be batting for the good guys, but this is not a Hollywood blockbuster but real life and can you imagine what the people of Ukraine are capable of achieving if only we gave them everything they needed!

As for Putin, his Government, his Generals and all those who knowingly gave the order for this to happen, there is an International Court ready to try them as the criminals and murderers we know they are and as for the people of Russia, it will take years to rebuild your reputation as Russia as we know it will become a pariah state and only when enough years and a regime change happens, then we will open to the door dialogue but this needs to be at the decision of the Ukrainian people themselves, as they need to forgive the Russians for this evil of evils visited upon them but that I guess will be a long time coming.

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