First he stripped the pensioners and now its the turn of the disabled to pay for Government mishandling of the economy.

Could this Conservative Government really get any more nauseating in their opinion of the poorer people in society. The day the information below came out the Prime Minister and his cronies were having jollies in Claridge’s for the wealthy backers they pursue with offers of knighthoods and peerages.

This is an article taken from the Daily Mirror where it states that the Government will block 300,000 disabled people from claiming the £150 fuel allowance. Guess if you are old or disabled then this Government wants rid of you as you are a burden and it really is disgraceful that they are robbing from the poorest and most needy in society to pay back their disastrous mishandling of the taxpayers money during Covid.

The government is barring 290,000 disabled benefits claimants from claiming benefits worth £150 a year to help with the cost of energy bills. The news comes on the same day that more than 90% of households face eye-watering energy bill increases averaging £693 a year. The government originally planned to block 210,000 people from getting the Warm Home Discount payments. This scheme gives government money to energy firms, which is then handed on as £140 discounts to household bills – rising to £150 this year.

The government confirmed the number of disabled people not able to claim Warm Home Discount would be 290,000 instead – a rise of 80,000. The move has been criticised by disability charity Scope, who called it an “insult” and called on the government to reverse the decision.

The changes mean many people claiming Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Personal Independence Payments (PIP) or Attendance Allowance (AA) will no longer be able to apply for the scheme, which reopens later in the year.

However, 290,000 disabled people will be unable to claim at all under the confirmed plans.

Government documents justified the decision by saying more people would benefit overall. These documents say that while the “overall proportion of recipients with a long term illness or disability reduces under the proposed reforms, it is still higher than the proportion of fuel poor with a disability, and the proportion of the overall population with a disability”.

Scope head of policy and campaigns Louise Rubin said: “This move is an insult to those disabled people who have already been cutting back for months. “Amid the worst cost of living crisis in decades, it’s almost unfathomable that the government will cut support for rising energy bills from nearly 300,000 disabled people.

“Life costs more if you’re disabled. Our energy helpline is now overwhelmed with calls from disabled people who are already facing sky-high energy bills, and do not know how they will afford to charge vital equipment, or stay warm, as the crisis goes on. “At a time when we are facing a real terms cut to benefits, it’s critical that the government reverse this decision.”

The Conservatives have been in power for some 12 years now and the country is a mess, and more of a mess under the leadership of Boris Johnson and his Chancellor Rishi Sunak. When you have to steal from the pensioners by breaking a pledge with the triple lock, or taking money from the most disadvantaged in this country whilst your mates whoop it up on money just given away during a pandemic, then you as a politician do not deserve to be where you are and this Government is causing untold damage to this country, and I am so sorry I inflicted this on the country by my vote. It seems wanting to get Brexit done will cost the elderly and the disabled of which I am one myself. I have never needed to claim the money as I have been lucky in life but can you imagine the devastation of those who needed to access this?

This is nothing more than being mean, being petty and being downright heartless and after 12 years of a Conservative Government messing things up, Labour could not be any worse and to be honest the way I feel….all political parties mess this country up.

Shame on the Tories, shame on them and when the Chancellor lives in this…..

Then you know he doesn’t care about the poorer in society and it is only a matter of time before we find the poorest in society passing away from hypothermia or starvation, and when that happens…..hold this Government to account for they will be responsible.

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  1. I just understand at what point Conservative government was ever putting working class people first..


    1. I have always been working class and voted Conservative as I do not have any socialist values, however that was during Mrs Thatcher era as I was in military then and she loved the military and this country, but as I get older and especially in this time of media and where they cannot manipulate the masses… has been an eye opener as to just what a shower of duds we elect time after time.


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