This country can no longer afford a Conservative Government….

This is a hard thing to write as I had always preferred a Conservative Government to that of a Labour one or god forbid a Liberal Democrat, but what is happening now in this country has gone beyond the ability of most people to actually pay their way anymore, and we need a change to save this country from the damage the Conservatives are doing.

I am of course talking about the rise in bills.

First of all a 54% rise in Utility bills overnight is outrageous and this is not the only time it will rise this year as it is in all probability it is going to go up another £600 in October and that is another 50%……on what planet does this Government think that people can afford 104% on a bill that was already too high.

One of those who are crippling the people is French firm EDF….yet funnily enough they are not doing the same thing in France….4% yep FOUR PERCENT is all those bills are going up by, and one of the Utility companies anonymously stated that Great Britain was their cash cow.

One of the energy founders have admitted that people will die from hypothermia, and it will be the toss up between heating or eating a warm meal this winter, and because the Chancellor robbed the pensioners out of their triple lock they are down £600 already this year, and now they will be hit with this, and the cost of the Council tax going up, the fuel going up, food going up on average on 10% and that is just the start.

Utilita founder and boss Bill Bullen that Chancellor Rishi Sunak will be forced to find billions to pay energy bills for Britain’s poorest households. He said: ‘There is one thing that everyone can do and that is to think about their energy consumption and change their behaviour. And if you can afford to invest in your home then do that as well. Energy price rises are going to hit everybody. It’s going to cause everybody to make difficult decisions but some consumers are in a far worse position and this will be worse for them’.  He said there was ‘no question’ this price rise would lead to the deaths of the vulnerable people, especially the elderly, adding: ‘Next winter it will be much much worse’, and also ‘much worse for children also’ (

This Government should have over-ruled Ofgem and told them that there was no way this cap on utility bills was going to end, and if necessary remove them from the position as how can they be acting in the best interest of the people when they allow this disgusting rate rise to go on. You have to ask yourself what is going on in Ofgem? Why are they allowing this to go on and how did the energy companies persuade them to drop the cap?

People panicked as they saw the cost of energy hit them in the pocket immediately today amid the assault on households due to bills rising across the board

There are a lot of unanswered questions here and one of the major questions is why has the Government allowed this to go on, on the same day they hit the workers with a rise in the NI rates. This rise is supposed to be for their “care” but it won’t be as it will just go into the Government melting pot that they hand out to everybody else except the people it is meant to be used for…

Boris Johnson and the rest of this Government have shown that they are the most corrupt and inept Government that has taken the reins at number 10, and this country cannot afford another 3 years of this. Never mind Rishi Sunak saying he does not want to increase the debt of the country, he is willing to allow the people to run up debt as we know that there will be courts snowed under with people who cannot pay their utility bills, and what will the magistrates do?? Cut off the elderly or young families? I don’t think they will and there will come a time when some Judge absolutely blasts the Government for their handling of what is fastly becoming a national emergency.

I never thought there would come a day when I am pleading with people to no longer vote Conservative. This Government has shown they do not care….one minister was even complaining he would struggle on his £115,000 a year with his utility bills. First all I played the worlds smallest violin for him, and secondly they claim a huge chunk on their very easy to access expenses to smooth their very hard life over…bless their cotton socks…have to struggle on 4 times the average income……

We need to start demanding a General Election and remove the Government and yes I know that it will end up a Labour Government and I once thought that would be a bad thing, but lets face it….they couldn’t do any worse than this one, and the Conservatives must realise that there is a chance because of their mismanagement of our finances that they could end up the 3rd party in parliament, but that will be of their own making, and the Conservatives must accept they will be out of power for at least 15 years as they cannot be trusted.

The Chancellor states that there is a need to pay back the Covid bill well here is an idea Rishi….take back the billions handed out to the mates of Tory’s who seemed to have no problem accessing the taxpayer ATM, and that will be a start but for god sake do something about the unaffordable bills that the British people have been saddled with, or else expect to be voted out of power and being held responsible for the deaths through hypothermia or hunger that will come from the failure of this Government.

Absolutely shocking for a Government to preside over a national emergency whilst failing to do nothing, and that is the most unforgiveable, and to save this country vote any other Party except the Conservatives.

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  1. I mean in all fairness the French government blocked EDF from increasing bills by more than 4 percent. EDF didnt choose to keep bills low for the French


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