Prayers for Mariupol.

They are fighting the good fight against an evil that is spreading its tentacles and where there is never enough death and destruction for Putin. Come on Europe….nearly 40 billion euros to Russia and less than a billion to the Ukraine in so called aid should make you ashamed of yourselves…. Give Ukraine aid andContinue reading “Prayers for Mariupol.”

Always the criticism but no offer of a better plan.

Yvette Cooper yep her who tried to thwart Brexit more than anybody else in Parliament and trying to destroy democracy, and who with her husband Ed Ball flipped houses like no tomorrow and living very nicely of us too….. has now criticised the Home Secretary for sending illegal immigrants to Rwanda. Criticism, criticism, criticism andContinue reading “Always the criticism but no offer of a better plan.”

This is just getting beyond ridiculous…

There is a war going on in Ukraine, the NHS at the point of collapse again, uninvited economic migrants tipping up on our shores, food prices going up double digits, petrol and diesel at a price that most people are struggling to pay for and then on top of it…..the utility bills going up 54%,Continue reading “This is just getting beyond ridiculous…”

Jack Churchill….mad dogs and madder Englishmen.

I really enjoy this channel very much and was delighted today to listen to the escapades of Jack Churchill. The only man to be accredited with killing Nazis by use of a bow and arrow. Jack is a hero of our nation like all those who fought in the war….only he was more than barkingContinue reading “Jack Churchill….mad dogs and madder Englishmen.”

Paul Joseph Watson hits the nail on its head….

And says exactly what decent law abiding good citizens think. Its disgusting that the decent communities have to put up with this….. Thats the left for you…..they just help criminals at the expense of decency, and in the USA their woke DAs just love taking money from that most evil of people…George Soros. They fillContinue reading “Paul Joseph Watson hits the nail on its head….”