Never mind investigating one Peerage….all of them need removing.

Sir Keir Starmer needs to take a step back and think before blasting the Government over Evgeny Lebedev. Starmer has stated that he wants all information on this peerage made public….but he forgot one small detail….he actually text the gentleman concerned and congratulated him. Why did he not call for it then?

Guess when that person is rich, owns a newspaper and moves in the shakers and movers department, then a congratulatory text is a must, but don’t try to make out that it is a shock….or that you now want to make something of it because Russia has gone rogue.

Now I am not defending this gentleman as lets face it he shouldn’t be in the Lords and it is a disgrace that he is and that is not based on who he is, but the fact that he got it because of being chums with the PM and not for actually doing something of benefit for this country, but Starmer needs to know that you cannot congratulate someone and then when it suits jump on the bandwagon calling for his removal. It almost seems the left and right hands don’t work at the same time with Starmer.

The House of Lords is overcrowded….some 800 and that it the real crime here, and it can cost us £265,600 per day to accommodate these people and that does not include the admin, the security etc and if you do that by one 5 day week that comes to £1,328,000 and then times that by 40 weeks…..£53,120,000 and all of them are there because they are chums of, or given money too….not one elected and that is the biggest scam and crime on politics and on our freedoms.

I don’t have a problem with Lebedev…I have a problem with all of them. They should be cut down to 100 and made to stand for their privilege, as to be able to decide our fate without having to be answerable to the people needs confining to the history books, and certainly not something to be gifted by a corrupt Government, as lets face it….there are more going up there if Boris has his way., or if enough party palms are crossed with silver.

Expect it to pass 1,000 before the end of this Government and all living nicely on our taxes. So, lets not investigate one….lets investigate them all and get rid.

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