We cannot and must not leave this humanitarian crisis to Poland.

My readers on here know that I am not one for taking in those migrants who tip up on our beaches illegally and I am still convinced that we should turn them away and back to the safe places they come from…for instance France and Germany, but those fleeing the war in Ukraine are different they need our help and will continue to need our help for years to come. This is elderly people, women and children mainly (unlike the young men who tip up on the beaches…by the way I am against sending women and children back who come here illegally on the beaches…like anybody needing help we must give it them), however we must do everything we can to help the Ukrainians and not leave this to our neighbours, especially Poland and Boris Johnson and this Government must help.

Ukraine does not need Boris Johnson turning up in Kyiv as it will be a massive security risk and he is no Churchill, and the Ukrainian army have enough to do without the bumbling blonde using the visit for PR purposes as I can guarantee it will be used on election posters as we know he will be lining up all sorts of information to try and make him look like a war leader, and that is because politicians seem to think that the people love war leaders who fight for freedoms and Johnson is not stupid he knows this, however this is no war he has fought but rather a very brave President, Government and its people and he must not be allowed to benefit from this.

As a Brexiteer even I was offended by the comment of Brexit being like the Ukraine in defending our freedoms. This is nothing like Ukraine….I cast a vote in favour that is all and certainly did not have my freedom and life threatened by it, and Johnson’s comments are starting to become offensive and he needs to stop and whoever is his PR guru take the mic off Johnson please for the love of God…take it off him.

What Johnson needs to do now is show leadership in Parliament and be here working with all parties to arrange help and accommodation to those who need it, and to increase the military weapons we send to Ukraine, and where party politics must be put to one side and if necessary bring Keir Starmer into the working group along with some of his shadow cabinet as this transcends party politics. It has to as there is no stomach for the Conservatives to try and win PR out of this….the people of Ukraine cannot afford that.

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