It will cost the Ukrainians dearly but Putin even more…..and Russia will be forced to go it alone.

There are said to be 300,000 Ukrainians trapped in Mariupol and they will not leave and Putin will have to bomb them the same as the Nazis did in Stalingrad only Putin is using rockets and not the Luftwaffe, but its the same war crimes as then and it did not end well for the Nazis as the people trapped were fighting for their lives and their freedoms and they knew that to surrender would be the end of them, and this is how those fighting in Ukraine must feel as they will not move from their grounds and why should they?

It is their homeland that is being destroyed through an illegal war and the Russian Army must now be seen in the same light as the Nazis’s, and the atrocities they are committing are straight from the handbook 101 of how to murder innocent people by the Waffen SS and the Gestapo and especially in how to commit war crimes against people, and Putin is now Hitler with his inner circle consisting of the Russian Goebbels at the UN and Himmler in the guise of his Prime Minister.

They know that Putin will try to destroy them come what may so they will fight for their freedoms and Putin’s very poorly equipped and poorly run Army will lose hundreds of thousands in the process. He has already lost 6 Generals, and an Intelligence Officer. as well as thousands of conscripts… remember Stalingrad when the Nazis went in with hundreds of thousands and only 5,000 came back.

This is what will be waiting on the Russians. ….The Nazis never expected to lose and the Russians in Stalingrad never expected to win, and this is where Putin will fail as he has not learnt the lessons from his own countrymen and that is faced with an invading army and all hope lost, then fight you will and fight to the death.

The Nazis under Hitler destroyed all the buildings in Stalingrad using Blitzkrieg and the Russians are doing the same, and that bogged the army down when it came to street fighting and this gave those whose homeland they were defending the upper hand as they knew the area, they knew the streets and they knew the places to hit the enemy. I hope…I really do hope that the Ukrainian’s give the Russians a lesson in fighting and that they succeed against the modern day Nazis.

Photo via @Reuters

Ukraine rejects Russia’s demand to surrender Mariupol by Monday morning Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said early Monday that surrendering the eastern port city of Mariupol is not an option and demanded that Russian forces allow the safe passage of civilians. The statement comes after Russia’s ministry of defense called on Ukraine to surrender the besieged city by 5am local time on Monday, adding that it would open humanitarian corridors for residents and troops who lay down arms.

Putin is now the 21st Century Hitler.

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