Cutting back on blog posts…..

Received some sad news regarding my eyesight on Friday.

To say I was scared, upset and frightened is an understatement, but the negative feeling only lasted a day and I am back to my old self of never giving in, but to save the ever growing strain on my eyes I have decided to only post 2 days a week, and this will be permanent for me.

These will be Sunday and Wednesdays and will contain news, gossip, opinions, gardening hints etc. The usual things I post and it will begin tomorrow but I felt it better to explain to people

I have to reduce the strain on my eyes and now it is Spring I thought being out in the garden would be better suited for me and the garden always makes me feel good, and I have started to see the shoots now on my seeds …so happy with that, and my lovely son has bought me a new greenhouse for Mother’s day…got it early

I hope my readers understand and I can tell you that it will be 2 long posts instead of overwhelming your email inbox with dozens of post each day which has to be a winner for all.

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