The depths of barbarity….

I have read two articles today that reduced me to tears. One concerning a mother and her baby, and one concerning dogs as both are dear to my heart.

I like millions of others saw the horrific pictures of a young pregnant mother being carried from the wreckage of a maternity hospital. Her pelvis was crushed and her hips dislodged and the medical staff fought for her so hard.

They had the sad task of delivering the baby by caesarean and the baby had died. The mother begged to be allowed to die as she could not bear life without her baby, and sadly the medical staff could not save her either. The staff must have been so devastated.

No name was ever given of the mother and baby as her husband and family had turned up to take their bodies as he did not want them buried in the large burial pit that was being used. I guess he wanted to be able to do one last thing for his family.

In video and photos shot last Wednesday after the attack, the woman was seen stroking her bloodied lower abdomen as rescuers rushed her through the rubble in the besieged city of Mariupol.

When I saw the headlines and the pictures I had tears in my eyes and a child murdered in its mother’s womb. The most innocent of innocent murdered by a mad man hell bent on domination of another country. What threat was this pregnant mother and her baby?

The birth of a baby is one of natures miracles and it is dangerous enough to go through child birth without having some mad man targeting maternity units.

This for me is the reason why we should get involved in the Ukraine as the monster in the Kremlin is murdering children, and this should never be allowed to carry on. We owe it to the family of these poor mother and baby to make sure that this does not become so normal that we stop being upset. We must never accept this as the norm.

The second article that again made me weep was the dog meat trade in the Far East. Such barbarity and I will not put the pictures on here but the way they torture the dogs is beyond the pale, and they don’t care if they are family dogs or strays and they will burn them alive to get the fur off them and that is when I started crying. Evil monsters, they are just evil monsters.

How can people do that? How can they do this to such gentle souls and dogs do have souls and a human life is better with a dog in it, and how these monsters can do such dreadful, evil things to them is beyond the pale and I hope that they all come down with something so nasty that they don’t recover.

I guess I am wishing such terrible things on some of the people of Indonesia but when they are animal abusers to the point of torture and it is torture, then I wish them all the ill will in the world and nothing will make me change my mind. They are animal abusing, animal murdering pieces of ****, and there will be nothing bought from Indonesia from me or my family.

I don’t buy from murderers.

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