The whinging Sussex’s cannot even respect the Queen…

Seems Harry is too scared to come home because he won’t have police protection….aww poor little whinger. Well, first things first…he will have Royal Protection when on Royal Duties with his family as they all do, but he forgets that his aunt HRH The Princess Royal had the IRA try and kidnap her in the 70s, but she does not have security when not working but then she does have more balls than him, and I have a feeling the Sussex’s want them all the time whilst in the United Kingdom to show that they are “important”, and you can bet a tenner that they will have “other” ideas of places to visit too for their money making schemes and need the photo shoots to show they are VIPs….well in their heads they are, and I seriously hope he loses…as he is no more important than the other Royals who do not have security when not working.

To take the British Government to court (yep another court case) is bad enough as we know they are a pair of whingers, but to actually give his Grandmother 15 minutes notice that he was going to let the world know he is not coming back for the 1 year remembrance of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh is downright rude, ungrateful and shows what a nasty little brat he is. This is his grandfather…the man who Harry tells the world that he loves and misses….yep looks like it… Him and her…both need stripping of the title.

Without who his Grandmother is…he would not even be capable of filling Aisle 6 at Lidl never mind being handed everything on a plate. That includes his A levels where he managed a B in Art and a D in Geography with the teachers huge help in Art . No way is that good enough for you to be an officer in the Army and he would have struggled to actually get into the Infantry without his Grandmother opening the doors for him.

The same Grandmother who opened the doors for him to train as an Apache pilot and considering it took a million pounds of taxpayers money for his 3 month jaunt is a total waste of our money, he has not used it since and he took the place of someone who actually deserved that role and would have been an asset to the forces.

He has had a gilded life because of who his family is and to turn round and inform HM The Queen that he is not coming back, but admits he is going to Invictus is beyond the pale. He is rude, ungrateful and arrogant and if those who are injured servicemen and women who are taking part ignore him and boo him that would be great, as he has disrespected the boss. We all know the Queen is the head of the Armed Forces and he has been rude and downright awful to the boss. She deserves twice his respect but he has given her nothing but heartache…shame on the pair of brats.

Neither of them deserve the title as it is insulting to the people of the County of Sussex and maybe they should have a say who has it, rather than a pair of grown up pretend victim whingers who not only continue to use it, but cling to it like grim death.

If ever a picture spoke the truth….this does.

So sorry American the Whingers of Sussex are yours for life. If Harry cannot show respect and love for his Grandmother and his late Grandfather then sadly Her Majesty is better off with him staying put. The majority of the country don’t want them here for the Queen’s Platinum as it is about our glorious Queen, and her life of service and duty that she has given to this country, and not the pampered duo who lets face it couldn’t hack the thought that they would not be the star turn as it has to be about them…or the Royal Family will be subject to the biggest foot stomping and another trip on Oprah with their endless untruths.

So…foot stomp somewhere else and leave Her Majesty to the care of the people who love her, adore her and respect her, as without the family he disrespects so much giving him privilege this is where he would be now…and I can guarantee that his Mrs wouldn’t be with him…..

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