Putin is trying to provoke the world…

Into a fight he cannot win and one where he must not win. The world has to destroy him and his cronies and sadly the people of Russia will suffer. Raise up people of Russia and overthrow the monster and regain your freedom and the world will welcome you with open arms, as you will be the liberators of your destiny.

Russian official says ships carrying weapons to Ukraine will be considered ‘legitimate military targets’ Russian deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov has told Russian state television that “pumping up [Ukraine] with weapons from a whole range of countries” would “turn these convoys into legitimate military targets”. Experts have expressed fears that such an attack could escalate the war.

Shelling has continued overnight in several Ukrainian cities, with Russian forces 25km from the centre of Kyiv, according to the British military. The decent people of Russia do not want this war and we all know that, but the change has to be done from within.

Is this destruction really what you want Russia to be remembered for?

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