If only the President of the United States….

Was half as brave as the President of the Ukraine. What a pity that President Zelensky has to tip toe round a man who is making such a mess of things that it is causing more hardship to the people under siege not less, and the very same wet weak USA President who has denied Ukraine the jets she so badly needs.

History will show that Biden is the worst President that has ever occupied the Whitehouse, and that he has been wrong on every single overseas intervention in his FIFTY YEARS of politics. Do people never look at their record before voting? It needs to be….look at what they do for your county rather than just voting because he is a Democrat.

Next time America think of the rest of the rest of the world and vote in somebody who can do the job, and not one like Biden who has dementia, and who is being controlled by his handlers and where his Vice President thinks its funny to laugh at the plight of the refugees. Never have I, the majority of Americans or the rest of the world been so disappointed in the actions of a President of the United States and that is the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Administration.

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