EDF….profits above the people…

Regulated gas prices went up by 12.6% in October last year and have been frozen until April. But a rise in electricity prices, planned for next month, has been limited to just 4%. This is what EDF are allowed to charge the people in France. The information below is what they are going to charge theContinue reading “EDF….profits above the people…”

What is with the smirking women..

That Sleepy Joe Biden has in his Administration? Another out of touch member of his cabinet…the energy secretary who smirking actually says if you had an electric car then this fuel issue would not affect you. Come on America dig deep for the almost $60,000 dollars this will cost you. as Biden seems to thinkContinue reading “What is with the smirking women..”

More useless book signing….

Books with signatures won’t do anything to stop maternity hospitals or care homes for the disabled being bombed, and all it does is make those who are sanctimoniously putting it over all media for their own PR feel good about themselves….well stop…JUST STOP.……do something positive like demanding we, the USA and the EU give theContinue reading “More useless book signing….”

Could Vice President Kamala Harris get any more offensive??

My bet is yes because if you can laugh when questioned about the people fleeing Ukraine, then you have no sympathy and certainly no feelings. To laugh is beyond the pale…. The poor people of Ukraine first get their jets refused by Swampy Joe who by the way has been wrong on every decision heContinue reading “Could Vice President Kamala Harris get any more offensive??”