A plea to Russian mothers…

You can stop this war. You can tell your children not to fight and march for them on the streets. Your children are murdering other children because a tyrant in the Kremlin wants more land. You will not benefit from it and your children will not benefit from it but there are 12,000 sons lying dead in Ukraine and 12,000 Russian mothers mourning the loss of their son.

Don’t let them fight a tyrant’s war, don’t let them fight for his wealth and his power but keep your children close and tell them that they do not have to go. If enough of you do it then what can Putin do? He cannot jail every single mother in Russia and if you don’t do this then more and more mothers will end up mourning the loss of their children whether on the Russian side or the Ukrainian side. Putin doesn’t care as his children are safe in a bunker…it is only your children who do not matter and your children that can be sacrificed for his schemes.

Stand up for your child mothers of Russia and don’t let them be sacrificed for a tyrant who is bathing in the blood of the innocent, the unprepared and the sacrificed.

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