The lives of the innocent…..

All of this blood cannot be washed from the hands of the dictator Putin, and the lives ruined by a madman.

MARIUPOL: Ilya is brought into hospital in the back of a car, with both of his legs destroyed by a Russian shell explosion. The mayor of Mariupol believes ‘hundreds’ of civilians have been killed in similar strikes
MARIUPOL: Serhii, a father from the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, weeps over the body of teenage son Iliya at a maternity unit converted into a hospital to treat civilian victims of Russian shelling
MARIUPOL: A civilian wounded in Russian strikes on the city of Mariupol is treated at a maternity unit of the local hospital that has been converted into a centre to treat the victims
MARIUPOL: A Ukrainian woman living in the Black Sea city of Mariupol is evacuated from her home during a brief break in Russian shelling, which has now been continuous for more than 24 hours
KYIV: An apartment building in Borodyanka is seen on Thursday morning almost totally destroyed after a Russian missile struck it the day before, causing a large part of it to collapse
KYIV: Another view of the apartment block in Borodyanka shows it suffered heavy damage in a Russian strike on Tuesday, as Putin’s men continue to try and take the country
A view of heavy damage in the residential area of Borodyanka, on the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine
Heavy smoke blankets an area of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, after it was hit by Russian shelling
A Ukrainian serviceman walks past as fire and smoke rises over a damaged logistic center after shelling in Kyiv

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