At last…someone to shut up Whoopi Goldberg…

Kyle Rittenhouse is going after Whoopi Goldberg for damages for when she called him a murderer after he was cleared and found not guilty on all accounts. Hope mouth almighty Goldberg has lots of money….it will belong to Kyle one day. Karma is catching up with the left and it is a glorious sight. IContinue reading “At last…someone to shut up Whoopi Goldberg…”

It’s war and the bogeyman of Russia will not stop at the Ukraine.

10,000 Russian troops have now crossed into Ukraine on the pretence of ‘peace-keeping’ Putin knows his history very well and he knows that this is how Nazi Germany started with the beginning of World War 2, so don’t be surprised if he has bigger ambitions up his sleeve and he will cut off the energyContinue reading “It’s war and the bogeyman of Russia will not stop at the Ukraine.”

When a diet is not a diet as I start on that journey to weight loss.

I make no bones about it….well not heavy ones anyway when I state that I know I am overweight and decided that this had gone on long enough, and one of the biggest problems I had was that diets can get monotonous or expensive if you join one of the weight clubs but now isContinue reading “When a diet is not a diet as I start on that journey to weight loss.”

Some people should just not teach….

Especially when they are white, woke and irony is lost on them….. If this woman is your tutor and you are “white” or privileged or god forbid what she classes as “white and privileged” despite running up massive debts to pay her very generous wages, then you are going to hit a serious road blockContinue reading “Some people should just not teach….”

Biden has despatched his secret weapon overseas….

He has sent bungling cackling Kamala, his Vice President to try diplomacy regarding Ukraine, and to try and prevent a war… Lets hope she doesn’t start with the cheesy language attempts more akin to the policeman in allo allo…, Also that she can control her laughter for more than 5 minutes… If this is theContinue reading “Biden has despatched his secret weapon overseas….”

£7.5 million for Andrew…no, no and definitely no…

It has been reported that if Prince Andrew, the Duke of York has to give up Royal Lodge and that we the taxpayer could have to compensate him to the tune of £7.5 million pounds. Prince Andrew could get £7.5million in compensation from the taxpayer if he is forced out of his grace-and-favour home inContinue reading “£7.5 million for Andrew…no, no and definitely no…”

There are no winners here and a young man is dead.

I can understand the anger of Daunte Wright’s family when they stated that there is no justice for their son, and that the police officer who shot him will only serve 14 months after time served, and time off for good behaviour. It must feel for them that justice will never be theirs and asContinue reading “There are no winners here and a young man is dead.”

Even for Bidens Administration this is disturbing…but not unexpected.

Seems the Administration and senior political Generals in the Biden/Harris Presidency want to use AI to spy on their own service personnel who THEY FEEL don’t conform to their way of thinking This is deeply disturbing and Communist China are doing the same sort of thing, so you can see where this Administrations ideas areContinue reading “Even for Bidens Administration this is disturbing…but not unexpected.”