The bravery of the Ukranian people…

Has given the world a symbol that bad guys cannot just walk in and take your freedoms. The Ukranian people have a born leader in President Zelensky, and his and their courage is uniting the world.

I have given money to help aid the flow of old people, women and children with much needed supplies, and yes we in Great Britain should take people in who are in great need, but somehow I don’t think there will be that many as this is a people and a country who have balls of steel, and who are showing a despotic maniac that freedoms cannot be crushed by fighting, and who will continue the fight. This is David vs Goliath and the world is rooting for Ukraine.

If you can spare a couple of pounds then please give to any Ukranian charity, it will be money well spent and they are desperate for medical help, warm clothes, food and weapons.

The weapons need is being dealt with by nations and well done Germany for breaking what must of been a solemn promise of not supplying weapons, but they are helping with lethal aid and the Chancellor is a good man to do this, but come on if everybody did their bit….the Ukranian people just need help and we need to give it them.

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