Shame on the Utility Companies who are profiteering…its just downright greed and will cause deaths this Winter………

This is no worse than the Black Market Profiteers who put up prices sky high at a time of an emergency. These energy providers are sucking the people dry and people will die from the cold through lack of heating…or lack of food due to worrying about the heating bill. This increase will kill the poorest in our society during the winter. These utility directors just don’t care……

It would be kinder if they just tipped up at your house and robbed you blind…… When there is a spike in deaths through this….haul them before the courts for the lack of care and downright greed.

Expect to see the Directors go home with a massive pay increase and you, the customers are paying for it as they won’t be able to help themselves when the outrageous profits come in. They will just rub their hands and look for more luxury goods to spend the money on, after all you can never have enough millions in bonuses can you?

Funny how we are told they buy it two years in advance yet the bills go up now…..its just nasty greed every time.

Shame on them and their greed.

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