Shame on the EU for putting money above lives…

The EU has rejected the United Kingdoms proposal to kick Russia out of the swift payment system.

It seems some member states decided that the bloodshed and murder of the people of the Ukraine cannot stand in the way of monetary gain, especially the Italian Prime Minister.

He wanted not only the swift system to remain for Russia, but also demanded and got the loophole thar sanctions won’t hit the sale of Italian luxury goods to a maniac and his cronies, because we all know a blood thirsty tyrant just cannot live without his designer wear.

Shame on the EU especially Germany and Italy, and shame on the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi for ignoring the plight of the Ukranian people.

As a member of Bidens Administration admitted that the benefit of Brexit for the United Kingdom, is that we don’t have to listen and take part in the waffle the EU does. Shame on them.

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