Shame on the Sussexs for using the Russian Invasion…

Into the Ukraine as a PR stunt. Here’s a word for the Markles….its not about you, no one elected you, you are not a world leader and have no influence. Instead you are hustling for a living and shame on you two for using this catastrophe as a platform for your crappy word salad.

I am sure the people of Ukraine can feel safer at night knowing these two bafoons demand an end to the war, whilst standing with the people of Ukraine in their 16 bathroom mansion with private security thousands and thousands of miles away from danger, and of course they will not give THEIR money to help but if you make donation through Archewell they will claim credit, and we can guarantee Putin isn’t shaking in his boots at the thought of the Sussexs demand.

Where is this privacy they demanded as God knows we demand it now… and that they shut up.

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