It’s war and the bogeyman of Russia will not stop at the Ukraine.

10,000 Russian troops have now crossed into Ukraine on the pretence of ‘peace-keeping’

Putin knows his history very well and he knows that this is how Nazi Germany started with the beginning of World War 2, so don’t be surprised if he has bigger ambitions up his sleeve and he will cut off the energy to Europe and squash any uprising if it happens, but it won’t as people who cross him end up either dead or in jail and never seeing the light of day again.

Putin addressing the Russian Nation on state TV.
  • Vladimir Putin today asked Russian lawmakers for authority to use military force outside the country 
  • It raises fears he is planning a wider invasion of Ukraine, having rolled troops into breakaway regions
  • Western leaders began sanctioning Putin over the move, with the White House describing it as an ‘invasion’ after hours of dithering – paving the way for ‘severe’ measures to be announced by Joe Biden
  • Germany’s Olaf Scholz cancelled approval of Nord Stream 2 gas pipe in a dramatic hardening of his position
  • Boris Johnson sanctioned five banks and three of Putin’s cronies, with EU also set to announce penalties.

The fact that Putin has written to the Russian Parliament requesting permission to act militarily outside of Russia is only for show as he knows he has total power and they will do his bidding without question.

This tweet sums exactly the wet, weak response from the Conservative Government and the Prime Minister.

We have a weak Government, a military that has been robbed of everything to the bone and where we cannot fight. It is not because we don’t fight as lets face it the British military love a good fight when we are protecting those who are being threatened, and we have taken on armies with practically nothing as we did in WW2….but this is different. This is an axis of evil where we defend one country, another one will invade elsewhere.

So, the most this Government can come up with are sanctions which will not bother the Russian President one bit (his money and power are safe) and stopping the money from 3 supporters of Putin….that’s it. Wow….contact me PM when you do something useful.

Putin and the oligarchs who support him will already have moved their monies, and there has already been an agreement made between China and Russia in 2001 and this has been further added to bring closer cooperation, so whilst the world turns to the Ukraine, China will decide to invade Taiwan. These two despots have nothing to lose. They are already causing the markets to free fall and for energy prices to rise.

The difference between the people of these two countries and ours…..they are used to being without and we are not. Eventually we will see people taking the streets when it goes wrong……and that is here…not in Russia.

Putin has already demanded that the Crimea be recognised as Russian territory and he will not stop. There is Poland, Estonia, Albania….all of these countries he has i his sights and he is backed by China and Iran. The old Soviet Empire is what he is aiming for and has never hid that.

The triangle of evil is really the name we should be calling it. These triangle of despotic leaders will want more and more land and to subjugate entire nations and all we can do is tremble at the thought of it.

Russia gifted the Ukraine the Crimea 60 years ago, and it officially belongs to the Ukraine even though Russia annexed it back in 2014.

We have two heads of Governments who are both tanking in the polls and who both need this war to win points ahead of whatever elections are coming up. The voting public love a war leader as it supposed to make the country strong, but this is a war we cannot win and the public is more savvy now and realise with the help of media that it is only for their own voting benefit, and that the sacrifice of young men and women does not bother them….not really. After all look at the only people to benefit from the wars in the Middle East….Blair, Cheney and Bush.

The developments so far are:

  • Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov told Russia’s parliament that Ukraine has ‘no right to exist’ as a sovereign state, as lawmakers voted unanimously to approve Putin’s order
  • Andrey Rudenko, Russia’s deputy foreign minister, said the country has the right to establish military bases in eastern Ukraine off the back of Putin’s decree – but has no plans to do so
  • Ukraine’s defence minister Oleksiy Reznikov steeled his troops to face ‘losses’, saying they will have to ‘overcome fear and despair’ but vowed ‘certain victory’ in the face of Russian threats
  • Dymtro Kuleba, Ukraine’s defence minister, called for ‘tough’ sanctions against Moscow, before flying to Washington to meet US Secretary of State Antony Blinken 
  • Zelensky said he is considering cutting all ties with Russia and told his countrymen to be ‘ready’ for Russian provocations, but added he still does not expect widespread fighting
  • Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine continued staging what are widely believed to be false flag operations, claiming three civilians were killed in a car bombing  
  • Russian stocks fell more than 8 per cent at opening, the ruble dipped to a two-year low, but oil prices rose 2 per cent amid fears of shortages
  • Vladimir Putin vowed to keeping supplying Europe with gas despite threats of sanctions, though some have already accused him of choking supplies. (take the promise to keep the gas on with a pinch of salt).

This is not going to end well as the EU is split and whilst I dislike the political EU I can understand it as they don’t want the bear poking them back, but maybe and here is an idea they should stop stirring it up with talk of a EU military, and look to trying to have a diplomatic solution as they too will find themselves in the line of the budding Russian empire build.

The whole thing is a sorry mess and with 50% of the Ukrainian people wanting to be Russian maybe it is time we help those who don’t with having a separate state and one that is protected by NATO.

Till then it will be a walk over for Putin and Russia as everyone is shaking and that is because we can no longer rely on the Whitehouse nor the President of the United States, as sleepy Joe has turned it into the world’s most expensive care home for the elderly and when you see weak, feeble and frail up front and centre for what is supposed to be the number 1 military power, it gives the bad guy the go ahead that he can invade and that is exactly what Putin has done.

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