How’s that toe to toe going Joe??

This has got to go down as the most stupid comment ever. Putin is not worried about Swampy Joe.

All the Russian President has to do is divert the old man in the Whitehouse either by chocolate chip ice cream, and or a comfy bed by 6pm, or even more pressing…give him a question that has no pre prepared script and answer……and job done.

Seems it wasn’t toe to toe but a kick in the American Presidents ankle, shins and then he kicked the legs from under him, after Putin first stood on Bidens toes.

If this Administration can’t see that Putin has gone into the Ukraine because Biden is weak, senile and feeble, then may I suggest someone in his failed Administration actually point it out to him.

America is only as strong as its leader and on the world stage it is showing a weak, feeble, decrepit Commander in Chief who scares no one….

When you realise that the top 3 for the Presidents seat is Biden, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi then you fully understand why Putin is not worried about the States whatsoever.

However Ukraine and Western allies need to be worried about working jointly with this Administration, as Biden will ditch anybody regardless of the consequences, Afghanistan showed us that.

Thousands of Americans and Green card holders are still stranded and in danger for their lives.

If the Biden/Harris Administration can do it once….they will do it again.

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