A 4 legged hero of the RAF….gets the Dickens VC….

A retired RAF Police dog has received the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross for protecting British and Allied troops in Afghanistan. German short-haired pointer Hertz has been honoured for his life-saving devotion to duty while deployed in 2013. He was the first dog in British military history trained to sniff out mobile phones, voiceContinue reading “A 4 legged hero of the RAF….gets the Dickens VC….”

At last…someone to shut up Whoopi Goldberg…

Kyle Rittenhouse is going after Whoopi Goldberg for damages for when she called him a murderer after he was cleared and found not guilty on all accounts. Hope mouth almighty Goldberg has lots of money….it will belong to Kyle one day. Karma is catching up with the left and it is a glorious sight. IContinue reading “At last…someone to shut up Whoopi Goldberg…”

It’s war and the bogeyman of Russia will not stop at the Ukraine.

10,000 Russian troops have now crossed into Ukraine on the pretence of ‘peace-keeping’ Putin knows his history very well and he knows that this is how Nazi Germany started with the beginning of World War 2, so don’t be surprised if he has bigger ambitions up his sleeve and he will cut off the energyContinue reading “It’s war and the bogeyman of Russia will not stop at the Ukraine.”