There are no winners here and a young man is dead.

I can understand the anger of Daunte Wright’s family when they stated that there is no justice for their son, and that the police officer who shot him will only serve 14 months after time served, and time off for good behaviour. It must feel for them that justice will never be theirs and as a mother I can understand that sentiment as all a mother wants is to protect her children.

There are no winners here. I am not defending the police officer nor am I going to besmirch the young man…the fact that he had a history of crime should not have made one difference to a seasoned police officer who should have known the difference between a gun and a tazer, and that lapse of judgement has left a young man dead.

Kim Potter became emotional as she listened to her attorney read a letter from her elderly mother where she begged the judge to grant her probation so that she could return home and help her. She has been in custody since December, when she was found guilty

I think the mother of Ms Potter should not have requested probation so her daughter could be at home to help her, especially as the mother of the victim will not have her son to help her when she is older. Sometimes it is best to not highlight that fact as it would strike at the heart strings of any person there and reiterate again that her son will never go home.

Potter is shown on surveillance cameras sobbing as she realized what she has done 

Sadly this was an error that should never have happened. You could say that the victim should not have driven away but the price he paid was high and now a police officer has gone to jail and her public service record ruined, and a mother is without her son.

I don’t believe the police officer did it on person and certainly not with malice but rather that it was what it is a pure lapse of judgement, and an error that has had disastrous results all round.

There are no winners here.

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