Even for Bidens Administration this is disturbing…but not unexpected.

Seems the Administration and senior political Generals in the Biden/Harris Presidency want to use AI to spy on their own service personnel who THEY FEEL don’t conform to their way of thinking

This is deeply disturbing and Communist China are doing the same sort of thing, so you can see where this Administrations ideas are coming from.

Amazing how its always the left who want to cancel freedoms.

If this Administration cannot be trusted by their service personnel, then there are going to be serious problems ahead and you have a CinC who doesn’t even know what’s happening, but people who hate America are destroying it within using his name. .

After all this is the same Administration who puts the FBI on parents at school board meetings, and then brands them terrorists to try and scare them off from wanting their perverted lessons on Critical Race Theory to be stopped.

This Administration should be dragged from the Capitol and put in jail as this is a violation of all rights, but then the leftists who run the Administration don’t care about your rights….just their woke perverted agenda.

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