£7.5 million for Andrew…no, no and definitely no…

It has been reported that if Prince Andrew, the Duke of York has to give up Royal Lodge and that we the taxpayer could have to compensate him to the tune of £7.5 million pounds.

Prince Andrew could get £7.5million in compensation from the taxpayer if he is forced out of his grace-and-favour home in Windsor. The Duke of York could rake in the huge sum if he forfeits the £30million Royal Lodge, documents show. The 2005 National Audit Office report says he is entitled to be repaid for a £7.5million refurbishment he funded after moving in in 2003. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10527661/Prince-Andrew-7million-compensation-taxpayer-gives-Royal-Lodge.html

This makes my blood boil. If the Royal Family want to see a republic then they need to try and make that move, and then the love and support they get will disappear in a heart beat.

The Duke of York, 59, lives in the 30-room Royal Lodge in Windsor, which he agreed a 75-year lease on in 2003 after making a one-off payment of £1million to the Crown Estate – equating to payment of around £250 a week. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/prince-andrew-allowed-rent-vast-21003750

£250 pounds a week is a ridiculous amount of money to pay and shows how corrupt the Royal System can be when this can happen. you cannot rent a garage for that in London or the South East, never mind 30 rooms which you share with your ex wife….rent free. To get out of this payment there needs to be a real appraisal done on the lodge and how much he should have paid for a 30 bedroomed mansion and then you will find he owes us!!!

There would be no chance this man would be given a penny if I was in the Government. Infact I would have tabled a motion that he is stripped of his Counsellor of State, his Dukedom and all other titles. He has disgraced not only the Monarchy but also the Country and especially the districts of the titles he was gifted.

It is time to throw both freeloaders out of there and make him pay for his own house. He should not be able to use it just because it is on the Windsor estate. It is an insult to the nation, and no way should be we forced to pay him £7.5 million, not now and not ever.

The Prince agreed a one-off 75-year lease payment of £1million for his Royal Lodge home, which equates to around £250 a week ( Image: Roland Hoskins/ANL/REX/Shutterstock)

I am an admirer of the Queen but sadly she has allowed this man child to get away with everything, and he still expects to be kept even when he no longer works for the Crown and certainly does not represent the country anymore, and if he has to go and live in one of the smaller houses on the estate then bye bye Andrew.

I and millions of others do not want to read that this disgraceful man has been given one penny of taxpayers money, him and his ex wife have taken enough already and surely the grey suited men who advise the Queen would tell her that the eruptions from this would be seismic.

If not then these people need to be reminded that he took money, gifts etc and became friends with a paedophile, and where he met young girls going to his private island on board the Lolita express and other houses.

Prince Andrew allegedly pushed back a family holiday to party with Jeffrey Epstein on his private island while his teenage sex accuser was there, according to reports. It is claimed the Duke of York delayed a trip to the Bahamas by three days with daughters Beatrice and Eugenie, then 12 and 11, the week after Easter Sunday in 2001. Andrew allegedly rearranged the long-standing and official family travel plans in order to visit the convicted sex offender’s private island, Little St James – just under a five-hour flight away from the Bahamas.

He reportedly spent the next 48 hours on the island with his senior Personal Protection Officer (PPO) and enjoyed what one witness described as a ‘weekend-long party’, according to the Daily Mail. https://metro.co.uk/2020/12/15/prince-andrew-delayed-family-trip-to-party-on-epsteins-island-when-accuser-was-there-13753498/

The Duchess took money from the paedophile too….calling it an error of judgement.

The Duchess of York used money from disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein to clear her debts. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/sarah-ferguson-struck-deal-paedo-20900300

They are both an error of judgement and need to be told to disappear quietly into one of the many houses his mother owns without us paying a single penny. Monarchy need to remember that they only reign because we the people say so and not because of a divine right and giving money to a paedophiles friend will not endear the public to the Royal Family, and if they do then we can see the end of the House of Windsor and a President installed instead.

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