The EU wants to be a super power to match Russia, China and America, and Ukraine will continue to be on the frontline……

The EU have now stated that there is a greater need for an EU Army now than ever before and the timing is bad infact I would say it is bordering on madness. America, the United Kingdom and Russia are now having a war of words at what will happen next in Ukraine and trying to de-escalate the situation, and then in the heart of Europe politicians are now demanding an EU Army. This will no doubt lead to an increase of aggression with Russia who will take this as a threat and and probability of war, not decrease it. Why the EU could not have made this decision at a very much later date is something that is unfathomable.

Is the idea to then make NATO irrelevant in Europe and have the European Army fill the gap, and when you have 27 countries being given a veto over any decision then it is impossible to even attempt this, in fact I would say this is bordering on madness especially when you think of the threat this would seem to Russia as some of those countries are closer to the border with Russia. It is almost like poking the bear till it attacks you. Is that what they really want?

Russia is amassing on the Ukraine border and are now in the process of a phony war, it is not dissimilar to how the Nazis started WW2 by depicting an attack that they started in Poland and what do the EU want to do?? Create an Army of 27 nations right on Russia’s border. Is there something in the water that is causing all of this madness?

First of all you would have to ask yourself if NATO members cannot meet their financial commitments then how would they plan to force countries in the EU to pay what the German Franco leaders decide? Greece is bankrupt and the German economy is now in free fall… where does the money come from? 8 member states pay for the other 19…

This will be a German led military force where they will profit from it the most and where France will get thrown a few bones but it will be Germany who will profit most from it Not that NATO have felt maximum benefit from Germany’s membership as they only pay in 60% of their commitment obligations, and will that mean that NATO will no longer be needed in the EU? Will Germany continue to be a paid member of NATO or decide that they want to be the ruling military authority in Europe? This is not the time to be discussing an EU army as the costs will bankrupt some countries and they will be very unwilling to get involved so do other countries bear the brunt?

This rush to become a super power has not been thought through because of egos of some politicians especially at a time when there is the threat of war in Europe, then greatest threat since the end of World War 2, and where politicians will want to jockey for power never mind the senior military will want too be senior as well.

Every senior military officer in charge of their own country’s military will want to be the senior person and run the “show”, so that will put an end to that unity as I cannot imagine Greece paying as they are struggling under the onslaught of illegal immigrants year in and year out thanks to Germany inviting millions, and no military will want to take orders from other Generals, as that is the nail in the coffin of your own sovereignty because if you have no say in your own military then you have no sovereignty.

So whilst it looks like the EU can match Russia on military strength you have to remember that ALL 27 countries have to agree to commit themselves to any interaction with Russia and those nearest the Russian borders will not agree to it, as they will be scared of what Putin will do to them and they cannot guarantee that anyone will come to their aid.

The new German Chancellor has already stated that he does not want to go to war with Russia over a country having membership to NATO, so is this plan to start descaling NATO, and putting an EU super power in its place? There is a lot of political chess playing going on and someone wants winner takes all.

The issue is that Russia will not put up with a large force on its doorstep and it is looking for any excuse to go to war, and Ukraine is only the first and they will not stop there, especially if the EU create this, and America of course wants Great Britain and the European Union to take part in any strike against Russia because we are the front line to begin with. America is not used to having their country directly targeted as they were hardly touched during WW2 in terms of damage to their country, but it will be different this time and that is why when all eyes are turned to the Ukraine and the build up there….China will back Russia and divert to Taiwan and split the allies and that is never good.

Then you have a world war and all because countries want the land of others and want to be the number one military power. As stated yesterday Russia nor China is worried about the United States of America as they have a weak, feeble President in power and the military need a strong person in command and Biden is not that. This has all happened in the last 12 months and that must tell people something.

Too often we hear the terminology of Leader of the Free World when discussing the President of the United States of America, but can we really say this current President shows the strength, and the will power to see this through to the end? The answer to that is a resounding no……

Biden rests head on his hands during tense exchange with Fox reporter after  Kabul statement | Editor's Picks | Independent TV
  • Secretary of State Antony Blinken laid out Thursday the fullest account yet of Russia’s plans to attack Ukraine 
  • He told the UN Security Council, that Russia could even use chemical weapons to build a pretext for invasion 
  • The morning brought a rapid series of diplomatic moves, as President Putin appeared to flex his muscles 
  • Russia told the US to withdraw troops from Central and Eastern Europe, a state news agency said on Thursday
  • Washington has previously rejected the demand, but Moscow included it again in a new written response
  • President Joe Biden said he feared an invasion could come ‘within the next several days’
  • Ukrainian forces and Russia-backed rebels accused each other of shelling their positions in Eastern Ukraine
  • And Moscow expelled the US deputy ambassador, which Washington said was an ‘escalatory step’
  • Ukraine’s military said separatists hit a kindergarten on their side of the frontier with shells, before pro-Russian forces claimed the building was actually on their side and was hit by Kiev’s men 
  • Shells were also fired at Popasna, on the Ukrainian side of the frontline, with a secondary school struck 
  • NATO and the UK have warned that Russia is staging a false flag operations aimed at justifying an attack
  • Meanwhile satellite images revealed new pontoon bridge built north of Kiev and huge movement of vehicles across Belarus, Russia and Crimea amid warnings that Putin is moving his forces closer to the border. 

Russia has demanded that America withdraw their troops from Easter Europe and Biden has now increased that.

US deployments in Europe in January, before Biden ordered more troops to the region as the crisis escalated
Deployments in Europe in January, before Biden ordered more troops to the region as the crisis escalated.

There needs to be a solution found rather than risk the lives of our servicemen and women, and increasing the American presence is not it. There needs to be a politician who is respected by Putin and who will go and talk to him as the greatest thing a person can be called is peace maker, and there needs to be a peace maker as Putin is running rings round Biden and making him look weak.

With all this sabre rattling eventually someone is going to get hurt, or rather lots of people will get hurt and those doing all the rattling will be the last ones to suffer the consequences, and there needs to be a solution to this before Europe is dragged into another war and one that they will not be able to win without millions of casualties, and the total erosion of our society.

My own view is that there is something in the water that has turned some people slightly insane whether it has been lockdown or the restrictions of freedoms I don’t know, but I do know that because of the election of the weakest President in American history the bad guys are emboldened, and it needs to be stopped before innocents are killed.

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