Biden’s handling of the Ukraine is a disaster in the making….

Added badly of course by Boris Johnson.

There is news being shouted from the rooftops that Russia is preparing to withdraw, but then you find out that news has come from the Bond Villain himself…Vladimir Putin. Are the leaders in the West so desperate to belief anything that they have grasped at this?

Russia and especially the President of Russia does not fear the West. He no longer fears the United States of America nor Great Britain and why should he….we have a bungling Prime Minister who cannot make up his mind whether he had a party or not during lockdown, and a President who cannot work out what day it is., but he does know he likes chocolate chip ice cream.

Great Britain will only have a small part in the war that is coming, it cannot be anything else because successive Governments have reduced our military to the bone and we just do not have the capability nor capacity to take on a large scale war.

We will be there as the sort of moral brigade so that the American Politicians can sell it to those voters at home who still believe in Biden. Look guys, it must be alright the British are with us. As if our military have a choice and like all military personnel…they are expendable when it comes to a politicians popularity vote.

The problem for the United States of America is that you have swapped a strong, no nonsense leader for a weak bungling shadow of a man, who by the way in his decades in political power has gotten it wrong on every overseas campaign and it seems he is continuing that bad decision making.

Trump was not one to sit and just do nothing, he would actually go and visit the rogue leaders and show them what a strong leader he was. There is nothing more un-nerving than having a President of the United States, a man of power who you cannot read and who you know is unpredictable. Makes you jumpy and more likely to not do anything.

The left in America called him a war monger, yet he was the one who went above and beyond to stop what is happening now.

He went to North Korea to visit Kim Jong Un there, and he also spoke on a personal level to Vladimir Putin and he told him how it was, and that is the only way to speak to someone who wants to recreate the Communist Empire of old because if you think he is going to stop at the Ukraine then you are as deluded as Biden.

Trump took out a bad guy and his two bodyguards with a hellcat fire missile, but Biden has to date got the deaths of 15 children on his tally and some innocent adults. I am not saying that the death of the leader of ISIS in Syria was not a bad thing, infact it was good but due to the poor planning by the leadership….children died. I thought we in the West were better than that. I know people will say that the father killed them but the children paid the price of the father. Can you imagine if Trump had done this??? The leftist media would have held up pictures of baby killer on all streets.

Well, you in the leftist media wanted Biden in and now you have the weakest President ever to have held the office in the Whitehouse. Whilst Jen Psaki tries to hold the fort at a press conference stating he is dealing with meetings all day when asked by a reporter…pictures of a befuddled old man eating ice cream show up on newsfeeds and the bad guys of this world must of howled with laughter at that.

What other way to show the bad guys that there is nothing to be scared off other than showing an old man shuffling round a shop with his minders., and not for protection but to make sure he doesn’t go wondering off.

America is only as strong as its President and right now you are looking old and tired and that is not the America we know.

The intervention of the United States of America must not end up costing the lives of our brave servicemen and women because he has made the wrong decision at every level. The really scary thing is that you have a cackling Vice President next in line and an out of touch loon as the Speaker of the House, and in reality none of them are fit to go forward with a war against Russia for the sake of the Ukraine.

I feel sorry for the people of the Ukraine if there only hope is an almost 80 year old with dementia who cannot remember what people tell him anymore. Remember the CNN interview when asked if people had mentioned the Bagram airbase to him? Yet the military before congress said otherwise.

This would never have happened under Trump because leaders in rogue countries knew not to play him, but right now they are not only playing Biden but running rings round him whilst he drools over chocolate chip ice cream.

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