Time is up for Hillary Clinton…..and Biden….

Image from Donald Trump's official Twitter feed showing a retweet of meme in which Trump's political opponents are behind bars

So the report is out and it seems that there was no Russian collusion with the 45th President of the United States, one Donald J Trump but there was crime committed and that was by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Trump era Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe says there is ‘enough evidence’ to indict ‘multiple people’ in the Russia probe and reveals Barack Obama and Joe Biden were briefed in 2016 on Hillary Clinton’s hack to find a link between Donald Trump and the Kremlin. Ratcliffe told Special Counsel John Durham, sources told Fox News, that the indictments could be connected to Clinton’s lawyers hacking Trump’s servers to try and fabricate ties to his campaign and the Kremlin in order to distract from her own email scandal. (www.dailymail.co.uk)

The Clinton campaign paid a tech company to not only hack into the servers at Trump Towers when President Trump was running for the job, but they also hacked into the servers at the Whitehouse to continue spying on him.

This is treason on any level.

The lying dossier the Clinton campaign used to get the FBI to spy on Donald and his team was false, the Obama Administration as well as Biden knew it was false but they were also using unsavoury methods to try and keep Donald out of the Whitehouse, and the whole thing stinks.

How come it is always the left who try to destroy democracy.

When Clinton was Secretary of State she was supposed to stop having any fund raising dealings with the Clinton Foundation and she was given the role after signing an agreement not to fund raise, but as soon as she was given the post money started pouring in again.

More than half the private citizens who got face time or spoke with Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state forked over bundles of cash to the Clinton Foundation, a stunning new investigation revealed Tuesday. At least 85 of the 154 nongovernment fat cats who got access to Clinton donated to her family charity or promised to back its programs, either personally or through businesses or other groups, according to a review of State Department documents by The Associated Press.

Combined, the donors shelled out as much as $156 million, with at least 40 donating more than $100,000 each and 20 shelling out more than $1 million — more evidence that the family’s foundation doubled as a pay-for-play operation for those seeking access to Clinton, critics charge. Donors granted time with Clinton included:

It is still going on only take out Clinton and insert Biden Jr who is doing the same thing with his dad…cash for access. Funny how they were accusing Donald Trump of being bought off when in fact the whole nasty saga boils down to Hillary. Biden and their love of money.

CNN, NSBC and the other woke media stations have not mentioned the fact that all roads lead to Hillary Clinton. All those involved with her scheming managed to secure themselves a get out of jail free card before starting to spill the beans. Amazing, if you have done nothing wrong…why would you need it?

The problem is that the Clintons, Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the Bidens all think they are above the law. What are rules to them? They are the establishment and it only applies to the little people and it must of gripped them to the core to see someone who they consider unworthy to be put in the Whitehouse….

Hillary Clinton was prepared to use any dirty tricks campaign to get to the Whitehouse, and can you imagine the unsavoury characters prepared to pay the price to access the President. She would have been the first pay to visit President in history. With Biden he was the pay to see Vice President and all roads lead to his son taking money on his behalf.

What a despicable party and I cannot believe that Americans were stupid enough to vote for these people.

The mass hysteria when Hillary did not get in was laughable. Can the left still really want such a crooked woman in the Whitehouse? It will only be to serve her purpose and not that of the people, and only her bank account and that of her friends will prosper and the American citizens will pay for it. She does not care about the people in America, after all, look at how the phones were put down on those trapped in Benghazi and the lies to the nation. Clinton has no shame……look how she went after the women who accused her husband.

Nothing is allowed to besmirch the Clinton name whilst there is money to be made.

  • John Ratcliffe told Special Counsel John Durham that there is ‘enough evidence’ to indict ‘multiple people’ connected to the origins of the Trump-Russia probe 
  • The former Director of National Intelligence met with Durham more than once
  • Ratcliffe’s pointed Durham to a declassified CIA memo of Clinton approving looking into Trump’s Russia ties as a way of distracting from her email scandal
  • The report was sent directly to then FBI Director James Comey and then-Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Peter Strzok
  • New bombshell reports now reveal Clinton paid people to hack servers at Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign and White House servers following the election
  • A poll taken before those reports came out show that now even Democrats want Clinton questioned over her role in the Russian secret server scandal .

These are the lies that Clinton was peddling and now she must be indicted for treason against the President of the United States, as she did not do it for the greater good of America but for her own greedy ambition of being President and for that….she broke the law and there must be a place available at Gitmo for her, Obama and all the others who colluded with her to lie to the American public…….

In another tweet, Clinton said: 'It's time for Trump to answer serious questions about his ties to Russia'

The truth is that crooked Hillary needs to go to jail….

I do wish that those who believe that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats want to improve the lives of African Americans in the States…..remember this…

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    1. Hi Jacqui, I was not surprised to find out that the majority leftist news stations are not telling America, I think we get more information here than you do. We have to get it out there to the people to see how crooked Clinton and the Democrats are.


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