Will we see honours from a failing Prime Minister, a failing Government and a failing Parliament?

There are unconfirmed reports today that reports that the PM is going to offer honours to Tory MPs who hold back from submitting letters of no confidence in his leadership. This has caused such an issue within Parliament that the Liberal Democrats have written to the chairs of the bodies which vet nominations for honours and requested that they decline any such nomination. Pity they didn’t have this integrity when it comes to the Lords. The Lib Dem gravy train for the Lords is 7 times the amount of that of their MPs. That cannot be right but then honours are always the sweeteners given away by leaders.

Knighthoods for our local MPs: Why are they given and why do we have so  many? | Bournemouth Echo

Are we looking at the last chance Saloon for Boris Johnson to save his Premiership?

PMs have triumphed after being in the Last Chance Saloon. Boris has to be  given the same opportunity | Daily Mail Online

Will we see the grotesque dance of the Ministers who waltz round trying to save the PM whilst Parliament does what it always does….nothing. All politicians know what side of the money their niceties are buttered on.

I for one believe that there should be a General Election if he was to lose a no confidence vote, as the voters put him in at No 10 not somebody who has usurped the crown but we know that this won’t happen, and that dark horse of treachery is already stalking the halls of power.

If you have to offer unearned honours to people who have an issue with the way you are leading the country then who is worse, Boris for offering it or those who take it?

What happens next time there is an issue? What does he offer then?

If true then this is the last desperate act of a Prime Minister who should leave with dignity but then we know that Boris Johnson is all about holding onto power for Boris Johnson and not for the good of the country.

Boris has always been a marmite type of politician and you either like him or loathe him and it is undeniable that he was a good mayor when running the London assembly, and of course there is that sight of him getting stuck on the ropes above the crowd waving his Union Jack flags. It was something of an endearment as we do like our eccentric people in the United Kingdom and the majority thought that Boris touch could bring some magic into what was a tired old drawn out role that was the Prime Minister under Theresa May.

The feelings of joy when he became Prime Minister was genuine, and there were many in Jewish households who were dreading the concept of the anti semetic terrorist supporter Jeremy Corbyn getting into power, and the people of this wonderful country showed that they could not stomach the thought of Corbyn in power, and voted for the one person who wanted Brexit.

What has happened since then?


Almost daily there are the reports that we have scored another contract with some country and we are still to feel the benefit of it in the North. The PM’s new press secretary let slip that the PM regretted Brexit now and didn’t really want it, and it shows by the fact that he has put a Remainer in charge of this and I have lost the number of times that the threat of triggering Article 16 is on the cards, yet not once has it been used despite the EU riding roughshod over all of our decisions.

We were told that it was to get the fishermen back on the seas and for Britain’s fishing ports to thrive, yet the EU and particularly France have had the same number of fish licences awarded and even 3 super trawlers who are causing environmental havoc in the channel. The fishermen however are having to wait and they are the ones who are being crippled with the rising costs and lack of fish. This was not Brexit and Johnson knows this.

We were told with great triumph that the hated EU laws would be done away with yet they are still on the books and this Prime Minister is in the headlines for his sleaze and his stupidity, and whilst the party is galvanised to protect him nothing is being done about the rising costs.

The Chancellor will be hit with another issue and that is pensioners due to the triple lock guarantee should receive another £700 this year, yet there is talk about the Chancellor yet again ditching it and breaking another election promise.

There is a theme here.

If he does that then the Chancellor can forget walking into No 10 as statistics show that it is the older people who mainly vote for the Conservative party, and they seem hell bent on wrecking their own support through their own stupidity.

Politics has always been a sleazy profession for a lot of people to go into and it seems to be getting much worse. I have lost count of the number of times some MP has taken cash for questions, been involved in a 2nd job, claiming expenses for items costing as little as 19p and then employing family members to ensure that the family have a nice living whilst the bills continue to increase and those small luxuries that were once affordable now having to go.

The PM and the Chancellor state that something will be done about the upto £800 increase that is coming on our duel fuel bills, but in reality it is a drop in the ocean the help they have come up with and we will end up paying more back but then MPs don’t have this worry as they can claim up to £3000 for this at their “second” home whilst the pensioners, young families, benefits and those on minimum wage will have to make the choice between heating and eating.

I don’t recognise the party that is in power anymore. It is a joke and the Prime Minister is doing what all other leaders do when they are failing and that is to send others to fight in a war. Biden is doing it too and this must be something that can be stopped by Parliament. This is not our fight and for the Defence Secretary to send another 1000 of our finest is a worrying insight into how the PM plans to go forward. This move is not to defend the Ukraine from the Russians but rather the usual attempt of Government Ministers to try and defend a Prime Minister who is failing the people, failing the economy and failing in his job.

Instead of trying to hand out unearned honours to people who lets face it will only accept because they have no honour will rest uneasy with the people, and even though I voted for Boris Johnson it is now time for him to stand down and if the Government falls it falls.

We have that unique situation in the United Kingdom that we can always have a free and fair election to chose the next Prime Minister and let the chips fall where they may, but you cannot have a corrupt Prime Minister and an inept Government backing him up and most certainly not at a time where the Spectre of Russia is looming, and where America have voted in a President with obvious signs of dementia and an America where the Government are too busy spying on mums and dads at school board meetings, than meeting the needs of a fast moving situation.

Our servicemen and women must not be sacrificed on the alter of protecting Johnson nor keeping this Government in power. We have a failed Foreign Secretary, a failed Home Secretary, a Defence Secretary too busy committing others to war and where it seems the only thing now keeping them in power is to who and how many the PM can bribe.

This is not Great Britain and this is not how a Government should act. It is time to collapse the rotten cards and start again.

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