When you meet a fabulous person for the first time….

I went to see the amazing Mick Hucknall and Simply Red tonight, a present from my darling daughter and spending time with her in itself was precious to me as we both have busy lives. Of course we bought the merchandise…paying over the odds but happy in the knowledge that we were out together.

The M and S arena in Liverpool is not the comfiest seating but I have been to worse. The security personnel were polite and fun and I knew it was going to be a good night.

We take our seat and in front of us was a gentleman and his friend….the gentleman as we found out was a man called Jerry with a J (he was adamant that that is how you spell his name), and his special friend Michelle. They greeted us with a hello and he was animated in all he did with very movable arms…but boy could he talk. His pleasant demeanour resulted in a big smile from both my darling daughter and I as everyone was having a good time.

Then the first act came on…Mica Paris but more of the concert in a 2nd post….

It turned out to be wonderful night but made even better because a chap sat in front of us decided to turn round and start talking. He was polite, very outgoing and as the drink flowed for him….he became more and more outrageous, but he never stopped being the funny, engaging charmer who first said hello

He danced without a care in the world and to be honest I felt a bit envious as sadly my disability doesn’t lend itself, but he wriggled, shook his hips and clapped to the music like an old pro….he has done this so many times, but it was fun watching him and his friend get carried away too with not a care in the world.

It didn’t bother my daughter or I that they were blocking our straight ahead view. Nobody got angry with anyone for the view…it was what it was….a great social time and Jerry with a J was in Simply Red heaven. .

So I would like to thank Jerry with a J, (who by the way gave his permission for me to use his name) for entertaining my daughter and I with his dancing, giggling and at times out of tune singing…at the very top of your voice.

We both agreed you are a fabulous person and everyone should meet a Jerry with J at least once….they are a room brightener.

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