Sneering and nasty…..

Mr Moylan (I don’t refer to titles politically gifted when your chum Boris hands them out like expensive sweets), I find your tweet offensive as I have spent many a happy time in Yorkshire and how sad that you had to send this nasty tweet. It says more about you than it does about the fine people of Yorkshire.

I know that people in tax payer funded glass houses have this sneering attitude towards people, i.e. the working class but for me I would rather spend the time in their company rather than yours and come away with the knowledge that I had spent time with the nicest, most honest, decent, hard working people. The salt of the earth …….

The Baron, who was set to enjoy a short break in the northern county, took umbrage with the Yorkshire Post's suggestion the government's 'Levelling Up' plan is a failure and bit back sharply

Editor of the Yorkshire Post James Mitchinson was one of the first to respond, taking aim at Moylan’s Conservative cronies before referring to him sarcastically as ‘m’Lord’.   You’ll find folks thoroughly fed up with sneering politicians who think they’re better than us and an awful lot of people who cannot stand liars and charlatans,’ Mitchinson wrote. ‘It isn’t about right and left for us, m’Lord. It’s about right and wrong. Enjoy your stay. You are most welcome.’

I might be going to Yorkshire next week for a short break but after everything I have read it makes me fear that it is going to be transformed into a county where sneering Lords go wondering about.

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