Simply Red with guest singer Mica Paris

I had the wonderful experience of seeing Simply Red at the M&S Arena in Liverpool last night (12th). It was a Christmas gift that my daughter purchased in 2019 but due to Covid it was postponed till last night.

I am a big Simply Red fan and poor Mr Points of Sue looks perplexed when I explain that Mick Hucknall is a really good looking guy, or as my daughter says sarcastically I believe you…but they don’t get it….its his singing voice.

We were further down in the seats this time and yes I have been to see him 3 times with my daughter, and he is a showman.

The doors opened at 1830 and in we strolled and finding our seats we sat down to eagerly wait for the show. The place seemed slow in filling up but on the dot of 1930 out comes Mica Paris and my lord that lady can sing.

MICA PARIS - The Jam House
Mica Paris

There were her hits from the 80s and 90s such as you are my one temptation and then a mixture of gospel type songs, but she held every note and it was a privilege to see her and hear her. She took the roof off with that soul voice, and it was pitch perfect.

The 45 minutes of her singing flew by and when you are listening to an amazing voice such as hers….time is irrelevant as you just want the music to go on….

Then…..the main act…

Yes Mr Simply Red himself Mick Hucknall and his band came on to the cheers of delight to a now crowded arena.

He and the band started off by welcoming everyone and asked us to spare a thought for those who had not made it through Covid 19 and I felt that it was a lovely tribute from him and then Mr Soul himself started singing.

There were the old favourites like stars, money’s too tight to mention, sunrise, night nurse, holding back the years, a new flame has come, enough and their greatest hit fairground.

I have added some pictures on the end of this blog but for 2 hours they were rocking the crowd, and the crowd were dancing especially those in front of me and singing the songs with Mick Hucknall. He is no different singing and that is the proof of an exceptional singer and the band….boy could they play their instruments.

The ever changing background added pure magic, and there were big screens with the band and especially Mick on them and it was pure joy from start to finish.

The crowd were good natured and before going in I bought little Ms Points of Sue Jr a t-shirt. It costs £30 which is a tad expensive but you are there for the whole event and she bought me a programme which was £15. There were plenty of toilets for everyone and the areas well advertised. The drinks were expensive and little Ms Points of Sue jr had a cider which was £6. I remarked to the couple behind me that the mother got the crisps and the child got the drink (well she is 34), and they laughed. We were all there having a great time and all appreciating the man that is Mick Hucknall and Simply Red.

The crowd would not let him leave until we had two encores and he brought the roof down with his music, and it shows that music is ageless as there were people there in their 70s and 80s and it was just a fantastic show.

Prices are averaging about £90 a ticket and it is the best £90 spent. I am going to take my daughter to another concern with Simply Red as when you see them, you are hooked and I will never tire of seeing him as he is a showman.

Thanks for a great time Simply Red it was perfection from start to finish.

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